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JCIM 2017



Agreement Reached on Line H Dispute and Q & A

On May 12, 2017, the Postal Service and the Maintenance Division of the APWU signed an agreement resolving a national level dispute in case number Q15T-4Q-C 17274095. The issue in the case is “the determination of compliance with item 6 of the July 9, 2014 TL-5 MOU”.

Line H Settlement and Q7As

MS 47 TL-5 settlement  (6-14)





Selection from the In-Service Register

(This article first appeared in the July-August 2017 issue of The American Postal Worker magazine.)

By Maintenance Craft Directors 

We have noticed an uptick in the use of maintenance craft in-service registers. This makes it a good time to point out the in-service register “pecking order” on page 280 of the 2012 Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (JCIM). It is entitled Order for Filling Maintenance Craft Positions and gives a specific process for how our posted duty assignments are awarded.

Our in-service registers are used after the in-craft Preferred Assignment Register (PAR) and Promotion Eligibility Register (PER) are exhausted. Aside from the possible application of an individual retreat right due to prior Article 12 action, the next step to fill the vacancy should be to check for a transfer request from a Maintenance employee, as explained in item 7 of the “pecking order.” Assuming there are no existing transfer requests by a current Maintenance Craft employee, or all requests are completed, the inservice register comes into play.

This register of applicants is made up of employees who have taken the Exam 955 and were found eligible on the review panel interview. The registers are for specific Maintenance Craft positions, which are authorized for the installation. These positions are covered under the Maintenance Selection System (MSS). Handbook EL-304 has a detailed section on this process and on establishing and maintaining in-service registers. In-service registers may include bargaining unit employees from any craft within the installation. There is a specific order of consideration depending on their bargaining unit.

Maintenance Craft employees are ranked first priority, although to be on the in-service register a Maintenance employee must not be on, or have applied for, the incraft PER for that position. After Maintenance Craft employees, all other APWU represented employees are listed as next priority. Employees with the least advantage and ranking on the in-service register are employees not in the APWU bargaining unit, who have been rated eligible for that position. Within these groups, eligible employees are ranked in score order. After the inservice register is exhausted, transfer requests from craft employees in other installations are considered.

Detailed for Training

One more thing must be noted regarding the filling of vacant Maintenance positions, when a non-Maintenance employee is selected from the in-service register, that employee may be detailed to the position for training prior to the assignment’s start date. Page 287 of the JCIM plainly states:

Q: May an employee selected from an in-service register be placed into that position prior to the date (PS Form 50) of the new assignment?

A: Yes. An employee may be detailed to the position for training purposes for up to a two-week period ending with the reassignment.

This means a couple of things have occurred. The primary thing is that the individual is in fact selected from the in-service register.



Leave and Overtime Benefits Secured for ET-11s

Apwu News Article


Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg's award


Maintenance Defines Custodial Staffing in POStPlan Clusters


07/06/2017 - On June 30, Arbitrator Stephen Goldberg issued a national award for Case No. Q10T-4Q-C 15206030 concerning custodial staffing in POStPlan office clusters (a group of postal facilities consisting of at least one Remotely Managed Post Office [RMPO] directly reporting to the postmaster located at the Administrative Post Office [APO]).

Arbitrator Goldberg’s award certified that a POStPlan office cluster, is an installation as defined in Article 38.2.B and the custodial staffing formula outlined in the Maintenance Craft "Subcontracting Cleaning Services" Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) applies. This means the USPS cannot continue to freely subcontract out bargaining unit work in these small offices.