Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union





 WEDNESDAY, July 10, 2002



I.                     Current Status 

Joe Sautello report that lease negotiations on the Matrix building are essentially complete.  We are now waiting for Jack Potter to sign the approval documents that will allow the project to proceed. 

II.                   Machine Installation 

Bob Fritsche reported that all available machinery is either stored in trailers or is readily available in specific facilities (for instance, MLOCR in Queens P&DC).  All equipment that was previously slated to go into the 32 Commerce Court building will be installed in the Matrix building.  This includes the DBCSs in DVD, Princeton and the Carrier Annex. 

Phase I will include the relocation of South Riverís operations into the new facility.  The overhead lighting will be upgraded and bathrooms will be installed before employees are moved into the building.  The temporary A/C units at South River will be relocated to the Matrix building.  If the lease is signed this week, Phase I can probably be accomplished by mid-August. 

III.                 Finance Issues 

Linda Thompson has visited the new building and is currently working with Raleigh on communications systems.  Representatives from Raleigh will arrive on Wednesday, July 17 to review and discuss available options.  T-1 lines will be ordered as soon as the lease is finalized. 

Margaret Jones will continue to hold the 7381 for computers until the lease is signed and we provide a secure delivery address to store the computers until they are installed. 

IV     Maintenance 

            Tom Szombaty reported that Oklahoma has reserved a PICS computer for Trenton.  It will be shipped as soon as transportation arrangements can be finalized. 

V.                  Miscellaneous 

Steve Bahrle requested a list of the power equipment that has been cleaned by Shaw Corp.  He also recommended that a label be affixed to each forklift, tow motor, etc. to indicate that the equipment has been decontaminated.  Bob Fritsche will look into these items. 

Bob Fritsche advised Steve Bahrle and Bill Lewis that their union files have been cleaned and palletized.  The files are available to them if they have a place to store them.  Steve requested an area (in the tent?) to review his files so he can discard whatever he no longer needs.  Bob Fritsche will check with Shaw Corp to see if an area can be set up for a particular day. 

A cc:Mail message will be sent out to announce the date/time of the next meeting. 


Bob Fritsche

POAC Coordinator