Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union


Bill Lewis, President




JANUARY 12, 2005

A Post Office Activation Committee (POAC) meeting was held at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall located at 2419 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ.  Attendees are listed on attached sheet.

TRANSITION TRAINING:  Bob Towler stated that it is imperative that all Trenton EAS attend this training.  Bob Fritsche advised that the tentative dates for the refurbishment completion and move-in are listed on the agenda cover sheet.  These dates may be altered.  The renovation work schedule and the mail processing equipment renovation are still proceeding and will be completed soon. 

MAIL PROCESSING PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS:  Steve Roman reported that all tasks are on schedule. 

The mail processing orientation is scheduled. 

REGISTRY, PARKING & SECURITY:  Steve Roman and Tom Szombaty have discussed the door keys; however, they do not possess the physical keys.  Tom Szombaty reported that the cylinders have arrived, and the cores are being installed into the doors.  Steve Roman said we need physical signatures and a computer copy of the issuance of the keys.  Dennis Nicholson will work with Steve on that.  Bob Towler emphasized it is a critical issue.  Steve said he would like to re-enter the facility with control of the keys and the blanks.  Steve wants the keys signed for and recorded before they are issued.  It must be a person-to-person exchange.  Tom Szombaty said when we receive the original keys, sub-masters will be made and given to the Managers who will sign off on them.  Steve needs a physical card signed by the individual that received the key.  Bob Towler said there needs to be an initial sign off of the keys issued.  Steve is more concerned with the card access system which is supposed to be compatible with the system in Monroe.  Val Pfeifer concurred that it is supposed to be compatible but there was no guarantee that it is.  Steve Roman said he has not ordered additional cards because the equipment is not there yet, and there are some cards in Monroe.  The system at Monroe produces a different kind of card, and the software has a capture feature.  Val said the software needs to come from the vendor and be downloaded into the computer.  Les Wilkinson added that it is on the way, and they are also expecting the computer to make sure it is compatible.  Joe said when the building is turned over to us, we are going to do ongoing testing so we will have to start monitoring the security.  It will be our responsibility, and the key access system is the only thing that we have that will monitor who is in the facility, so it is important that that’s in place.  And we still need to get cards for each one of our employees.  Steve Roman stated that if the cards are compatible, we don’t have to since existing cards can be used.  Val said the system will be ready on or about January 31.  Joe Sautello said the locks are being installed this week.  Les said we will get possession of the keys when the building is turned over to us.  Steve Roman asked if the system that has the camera attached will be working when it is handed over to him.  Les said yes.  Steve asked if he could take his database and load it into that.  Tom Szombaty said we don’t know if it’s compatible.  He said if it is compatible, someone is going to have to program the software.  Val stated he thinks Steve Roman is the candidate to program the software.  Joe reconfirmed that the contractor will train our people on that system sometime between now and January 26.  Val and Les concurred.  Les said 1,000 cards will be issued along with all supplies needed to produce the cards.  Joe said if the system is not compatible, we will have to reissue all the badges.  Joe told Les that he wants the system compatible with Monroe so the employees who are relocating to Trenton from Monroe do not need to be issued new badges.  Les believes the capability is there.  He will check it and see that the software is provided to do that.  Steve will review the security plan with Inspector Nealon before the keys are issued and before the matrix is completed.  Steve said Registry and parking spaces are completed.  He said when we reoccupy the facility, we will use the parking passes that we have now and update the employees’ information.  New employees will be issued new passes.  The parking plan division has to deal with the Inspectors and Supervisors.  Striping and fencing are done.  Tom Szombaty said the Registry and Certified gates were ordered.  Bob Towler asked if they are gates or doors for the registry.  He said they are going to build a registry cage.  Bob Towler said there is a provision to lock the registry door at Monroe.  Tom Szombaty said he is sure that is what the contractor is ordering, a latchable door.  Bob Towler said it must be a lockable door.  Les said January 31 is the projected date for cage installation.  Steve Roman said there is a procedure in place for lockers and control keys.  We are not going to issue the keys for the lockers.  We already have master key locks for the employees.  The employees will move themselves to their new locker and Steve will update after we move in.  They will all be single-key combination locks.  This requires person-to-person dealings and it is time consuming.  Steve Roman said the employees will be assigned the lockers ahead of time.  Steve said the security system is there and there will be training for it.  It is going to be DVD.  Steve learned who the manufacturer was, but has no specifics on it. 

TRANSPORTATION:  George Traynor reported that there is a tentative HCR schedule for 085 offices.  George will meet with Mail Processing and In-Plant Support next week to discuss afternoon requirements and if separate  DPS dispatches are needed.  He is also looking at the 086 offices.  There is a tentative schedule for them. George will also meet with Customer Service to discuss what their transportation needs will be in the morning and the Plant’s requirements in the afternoon.  DNO will come in when we move in to offer support.  Tentatively, Transportation is going to use the south dock in the afternoon on Tour 3 to bring in collection mail.  We may do turn-around trips in the afternoon.  George doesn’t anticipate any problem with the south platform signage.  It is basically predicated on after he meets with Mail Processing to determine what their needs are and just coming up with a plan after that.  George agreed to look at dispatching the Trenton Stations and Branches from the south dock based on Mr. Towler’s suggestion.   George said a decision can be made at the meeting next week.  It won’t be a big deal to change the dispatch of the 086 mail.  George said his concern with sharing the platform with BMEU is during the afternoon at the BMEU, and the fact that the south platform is much larger than it was before and we will have much more traffic in the late afternoon/early evening.  George has some concerns with the tractor trailers and the large vehicles getting involved or having a problem with cars dropping off small quantities of bulk mail.  George thinks there should be a sign to tell the people where they should park so we don’t have a problem with them parking in the assigned tractor trailer bay that will be further down the south platform.  Bob Wszolek said the platforms were of a regular size.  He added that all the bays are the same height.  George Traynor pointed out that 2 bays at the end of the dock were lower than the others.  These low bays will be used by cars and small vans dropping off mail.  Bob Towler said there were mailers coming in vans, and added that drivers have to be aware of traffic around them.  Bob Towler said BMEU was located on the south dock before the building was closed in 2001.  George replied that before we left the building, there were three bays that were useable by trucks.  Joe told George to discuss with Tom Szombaty what kind of signs they would like in that area.  Tom Szombaty said BMEU should advise their small volume customers to use the two low bays.  Bob Towler said signage is not a problem.  Steve Roman said the south dock is now enclosed.  Bob Wszolek said the issue with parking was the allocated parking spaces.  He said there are two customer spaces and one handicapped space.  Tom confirmed it still is.  Joe advised Bob Wszolek that every customer that comes into the unit needs to sign in and sign out.  Bob Wszolek replied that that procedure has been in place for years.  Joe said every department needs to keep track of each individual that walks into the building whether it’s a contractor or customer.  We need to have a physical record of who comes in the building and when they leave.  We have to be able to contact these people if an emergency occurs.  Doreen Clark asked if she could use the south dock to stage State House and Hibbert mail for their couriers.  Bob Fritsche said yes, we can, but it will depend on their arrival time.  George will look at that also.   

MOVE-IN DAY LAYOUT:  Eric Perrine said the move-in day layout is a work in progress.  We have not ordered anything for the Registry cage.  Registry will be relocated over the move weekend, including the Registered Mail.  Eric asked if we are moving it from Monroe to Trenton.  Bob Fritsche said yes, it will have to be one place or the other.  Eric said there is new furniture for the Certified cage.  Eric said we have new manual cases and sack racks. Tom Szombaty added that they are being assembled.  Doreen said once they are put together, she will advise where they are to be set up.  Bob Towler said to coordinate the movement of flat cases.  We are moving the existing flat cases.  All the flat cases for the city zones must be moved. 

MAINTENANCE:  Carlos Cruz reported that staffing by tour has been completed.  The staffing package has been finalized and submitted to the Area and it has been approved.  Training requirements have been determined.  When Maintenance gets the billets they need, they send the appropriate individuals to training.

MECHANIZATION MAINTENANCE:  Carlos Cruz reported for Art Bondie.  LDC37 has been finalized and completed.  Half of the custodians are at Monroe and half at Trenton.   Developing inventory is done.  We are in the process of setting up and stocking the Vidmar cabinets.  There are two locations targeted for setting up satellite Maintenance shops.  We are in the process of getting all handbooks necessary, as well as “as-built” drawings from the contractor.  Tom Szombaty is working on it.  Carlos will use two Vidmar cabinets to set up satellite shops.  Carlos said we have the Vidmars and if we need additional, we will use the ones from Monroe.  There are plenty of guardrails at Monroe that can be transported.   Carlos said inventory will be maintained for the satellite shop the same as at Monroe. There will be a clipboard posted with the inventory and will be restocked as necessary.  There will be an SOP to do that.  Tom Szombaty said he has not received the metal cabinets to store paint.

EQUIPMENT & BUILDING REFURBISHMENT:  Tom Szombaty reported that Jim Soo is doing a big job in assisting the contractor in installing guardrails.  EAS Sensitivity Training is next week.  Bob Fritsche said we are starting to receive new DBCS racks.  Tom said the total is 210, and there are probably 70 more to go.  There is a lot of equipment coming in to the building daily for everybody that placed orders.  Tow motors and Big Joes are coming in.  There is a lot of equipment already at the facility.  Bob Fritsche said that Tom mentioned the DBCS racks are arriving pre-assembled.  Tom said there are presently assembling the letter cases and sack racks.  Tom said he doesn’t know if the pie carts are there yet but they will assemble them.  Bob Fritsche said there are labeling issues with the pie racks.  Joe asked if all the machines are refurbished like the 100.  Tom said yes.  Tom said we have to bolt down the conveyer system.  He added that we are ready to test mail on the machines.  Doreen asked Tom if the FSM label printers are installed on the USFM1000?  Joe said we have to make a determination what we are doing with the 1000.  There is a label printer on the 100.  Tom Golden said he would bet it is there.  Tom Golden said the bar code sorter is in place without labels.

HUMAN RESOURCES:  Rich Schrader was the HR representative.  Bob Towler asked if Trenton would have a Human Resource Representative when we return to the facility.  Rich responded that he was unsure.

OPEN HOUSE:  Rich Schrader advised that Lou DeMeo is getting the caterer and DJ, but once the contract is set, we cannot cancel, which brings up the issue of the February 27 date for the open house.  Joe said there are a couple of issues.  He said the most important is the fact that the Congressman and the Governor’s Office would like to be invited.  We are waiting for some loose ends to be tied up and once that is done we can settle on a date.  As of right now, it is the 27th.  Joe added that there may also be an issue with the cost.  Bob Towler needs four or five days lead time for the open house date.

PROCUREMENT ACTIONS:  Wanda Scott reported that, at this time, 95% of the items for the building have been ordered or secured.  We now need to double check the list for the major items that are needed to operate.  Everyone needs to make sure that their requests have been input.  Wanda said to make sure that we are aware of what each operation needs.  A meeting with Bob Towler and Margaret Jones will be held to go over what we have.  Wanda said the incidentals can be ordered by each department through E-buy.  Wanda said to keep in mind that if these items are ordered, they will be delivered the next day so storage space is needed.

TACS & MODS:  Eric Perrine reported there is no change other than planning on looking ahead at the installation of the floor scales and scale controller.  Tom Golden said he hasn’t assembled the scales yet.  Tom Szombaty said we can’t put it down until we are given the floor space.  Eric said as long as we can get it in and tested before we move in, it will be fine. 

INFORMATION SYSTEMS-TELECOMMUNICATIONS:  Arnie DeBlank reported that he has the phones and related equipment.  He is waiting for the wiring to be accepted before they can put the phones out.  We need to arrange a date for Sprint to come and hook up the phones.  Then we will put them on the desk with numbers and labeling.  Arnie added that he needs two weeks lead time.  Arnie said pay phones have been installed and are operational. 

The data circuits are in and are being fine tuned.  The computers are in. They are being used for training. 

RETAIL SERVICES:  Robert Beith reported that the equipment for retail window services is stored in a trailer at Kilmer.  A date is needed to start setting up the window area.  All but one section of the customer side of the lock boxes are numbered.  Approximately half of the boxes on the postal side are numbered.    They will be completed by January 21.  Charlie Johnson, MOWS Supervisor, has a plan in place for the keys.  Tom Szombaty will check the mail slots in the lobby.  The menu signs are in and the POP signage is on order.  Robert Beith is just waiting for the okay and will start setting up the retail section.  He said the E-buy request for the plasma screen was submitted for final approval.  It was supposed to be awarded to the supplier.  It is Headquarters mandated.  Windsor erroneously turned it over to facilities causing a delay.  Facilities awarded the contract to the supplier without the computer and software.  We will arrange for the purchasing of the computer and software and have it ready for the supplier when they come in.  The supplier needs five days to complete the wiring.  Walter Jauch reported that the APC request was submitted to the Area.  An E-buy was generated and is set to go.  We are waiting for wiring from telecommunications to be completed, and the goal date is February 16 for the APC.  Headquarters has asked if we can go in on the 31st not the 15th for the POS units.  Walter doesn’t think that is possible because the wiring won’t be completed by then.  Walter said he would like to plan for the 31st, but will have an alternate plan.  Walter said another option is to install the POS unit in an alternate location and then move them after the wiring is accepted at MOWS.  Walter added that we are in the Stage 3 Contract with USPS and IBM.  After January 31, there is no contract in the country to install any equipment with IBM.  So we won’t have a contract with the support people after January 31.  The parts are together, but we need an IBM technician on site to turn it over to the USPS.  Joe told Les that January 31st is the date for LAN and is getting more critical because part of lobby operations have to be hooked up to the LAN on the 31st.   Les will speak to Arnie about what is needed.  

EXPRESS MAIL:  Jane Van Eerde reported that she has been working with George Traynor, Transportation Manager, on the collection and delivery.  Jane does not anticipate any changes in the HUB and Spoke, and collections should not change.  The travel time may change to meet critical entry times to the air field.  George had a preliminary discussion with Henry Moore, MDO Tour 3 about what they were going to do with the mail arrival profile on Tour 3.  George also spoke to Steve Kubala, Area Manager, about what we plan to do with the mail arrival profile.  George Traynor said he is reviewing what would be involved if the collection box times are changed to 3 p.m.  Jane said a database has been created and updated of the 086 Express Mail Corporate Account customers and they will receive notification on when the facility will reopen.  Bob Wszolek said he has a similar database for the BMEU customers, and they will also send a letter to their mailers.  Bob Fritsche said we are taking the Express Mail scanners that we have at Monroe.

CUSTOMER MESSAGING:  George Flood reported that there are several letters drafted, and once we have a date,  we are ready to go.  George said he has been receiving inquiries from the media.  George and his team have been drafting speaker invitations to members of the dais for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

SAFETY & HEALTH SERVICES:  William Gilmartin reported that he has reviewed the plan.  All emergency lights have been inspected on several occasions and are functioning properly.  The exit signs and new doors are being installed.  The SPBS machine for Greensboro was inspected.  The deficiencies have been turned over to Tom Szombaty.  We will use the same SOP as in Monroe, but make it site specific to the Hamilton Facility. 

The evacuation plan is being worked on.  It will be ready when we re-enter the facility.  The fire alarm system will be tested this week.  Mary Carey is working with Lillian Wilkins on the wheelchair replacement.  We are all set to do the orientation. 


Doreen Clark asked if the Maintenance log books for the machines have been ordered.  Tom Szombaty responded that we have them and are presently using them.  Doreen asked about the Registry Cage log books.  Bob Fritsche replied that the entire Registry Cage is being transferred, including the log books. 



NOVEMBER 18, 2004 

A Post Office Activation Committee (POAC) meeting was held at 11 a.m. on Thursday, November 18, 2004 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall located at 2419 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ.  Attendees are listed on attached sheet.  

Status Updates 

All machines are being overhauled and will be ready by the end of December. 

Contractor is on schedule and refurbishment of the building should be completed January 31st.

Contractor may release certain areas of the building, before that date.  

Conference Room C-54 may be available after the first of January for training.

Carrier Section is no longer being used to overhaul machine modules.  All machines out on floor.

All mail processing equipment, except the SPBS, will be up and running by December 19th which is on schedule.   

Testing of the BDS system should take place sometime in late January before employees return to the building.  Once the BDS protocol is established with the mayor and township departments, testing will commence.  The BDS system detects DNA from spores.  Dead spores might throw off an alarm and the facility would be shut down for at least three days until we get a negative from the lab.  Les Wilkinson requested a copy of the protocol and planned test dates.  Tests will be done sometime in January when most of the refurbishment work is completed and contractor has downsized the number of workers in the building. 


Sub-committee Updates 

Tom Szombaty – Equipment & Building Refurbishment, Building Maintenance

DBCS  - 99% complete.. ET’s running test decks simulating sorting of mail.

Maintenance will be losing 6 people from other facilities in the next few weeks.  Maintenance will be moving personnel around to ensure that all assignments are covered.

One AFSM 100 has been overhauled and was moved to the Monroe facility.  The overhaul of the second AFSM 100 will be completed by mid-December (4 weeks). 

VFS (Ventilation Filtration System):  The Acceptance Test is scheduled for Monday, 11/22/04.

Approval for SPBS expected tomorrow and contract should be finalized by December 17th.   

Installation of the first OCR will be completed in the first week in December.

The final two new DBCSs will arrive on the 29th of November and DBCS testing will begin. 

BCSs are being put together right now.  Work is also progressing on a LMLM machine.  Attempts to get a CHUNKY machine have been unsuccessful. 

OCRs currently have 44 stackers.  Hope to have 60 stackers once we get into the building.  Trying to get modules for OCR-“B”s.  New DBCS racks arrived for the 8 new DBCS modules.  Additional racks should be arriving shortly for the 5 new DBCSs from Headquarters.    

Carlos Cruz – Maintenance Personnel Requirements

The Maintenance Staffing Package has been adjusted as requested by the NYMA and submitted to V. Cetta for review and approval.  Training ongoing.  Training given to custodians.  There are still a few custodial vacancies.  

Courses available to personnel interested in BEM positions.  Three vacancies when we go back to the building.

Art Bondie stated that the Vidmar cabinets have arrived.   

Parking Lot is just about complete.  Paving and striping done, handicapped spots striped and signage installed.  Parking spaces are 9 feet wide, in line with USPS standards. 

Striping across the fence line of the employee entrance will be eliminated to provide a wider path for two way traffic.                                     

Stephen Roman, Jr – Security

Card access system will be done once we establish system to be utilized.

Inspector Nealon stated that we need to proceed with what we have since the Inspection Service has not finalized its standardized requirements. 

40 security cameras will be installed to supplement the existing lookout galleries. 

Paperwork for the sign for the Bulk Mail Entry Unit will be completed tomorrow.  

George Traynor – Logistics and Dock Operations

MTE issue.  Headquarters and Eastern Area will assist in securing hampers and utility carts.  They requested 8 to 10 weeks lead time.  We should have enough equipment to get started. 

Maintenance Training 

Training will be given to Maintenance employees on asbestos drilling and lead paint removal.  The training should be approved by next week.  The courses are two day, three day and a 40 hour course.  Union requested that all appropriate personnel be trained on asbestos since all Station and Branches have asbestos tile.  

Rich Schrader – Training, Employee Services and Employee Orientation

Training materials completed with sample packets provided to R. Towler and J. Sautello.

An Open House Committee will be formed consisting of Lou DeMeo, Chairman, Arnie Endick and Rich Schrader.  Unions were invited to submit names to participate on the committee to assist in the Open House which will be held sometime in February.  Employees and their families, along with the public can tour the building.   Division of the Blind will be bringing in potential bidders on December 3rd for a walk through of the building for the vending contract.     

Michele Jones –

Need feedback from Supervisors for evaluations on employees requesting transfer to Trenton. 

Michele and Lynn will contact their counterparts for action on reassignment requests.   

Bill Gilmartin and Jim Soo are working on the Evacuation Plan and number of fire extinguishers needed in conjunction with USPS and OSHA requirements.

Due to safety concerns, The Fall Protection Program should be improved by eliminating the gates in the mezzanine or by making them more secure while construction is ongoing.    

Margaret Jones – Budget Requirements

90% of equipment and supplies have been ordered.  Management should review Industrial Equipment and Furniture lists provided at meeting.  If anything additional is needed, submit now so that it will be available by time the building is re-opened. 

Linda Thompson & Arnie DeBlank – Telecommunications and Information Systems

The telephone system is being installed.  Two T-1 lines have been approved.  We may get another line from Headquarters.  MCI will let us know.  Lan lines, provided by Cisco Systems, will be in by the end of January.  Maintenance will be trained at the same time wiring is installed. 

Walter Jauch – Retail/POS One/APC

Walter will contact IBM concerning software for POS One.  J. Sautello suggested that Walter advise IBM to activate the software as of the first week in February.  

George Flood – Media

George reported on the recent walk through of the building by local officials.  He will continue to stay in contact throughout the next few months as we get closer to the reopening of the building.


With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  


OCTOBER 18, 2004

 A Post Office Activation Committee (POAC) meeting was held at 11 a.m. on Monday, October 18, 2004 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall located at 2419 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ.  Attendees are listed on attached sheet.

Bob Fritsche started the meeting by welcoming and introducing Les Wilkinson a contractor from Jacobs-Gilbane and Val Pfeifer an architect from Lockwood Green.  District Manager Vito Cetta welcomed everybody and thanked them for coming.  Trenton Postmaster Joe Sautello said we are moving right along.  We were notified by Washington that the completion date is January 31.  Les confirmed that is basically what he is adhering to at this point.  Joe said we were hoping that we were going to be moving into the building in January, but that’s not going to take place until February, so we are working on that time schedule.   Joe said for the people in this room and what he told Tom and his folks that are working on the equipment, he would like everyone to continue working on the schedule of completing their tasks by December 15 or the end of December at the latest.  January will be a month for fine tuning.  Joe said to continue on the same schedule you are working on.

 FLOOR ENCAPSULATION & MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - The floor encapsulation project is essentially complete.  Tom Szombaty said the floor tile detail work has already been completed.  Tom said the waxing of the floor will continue.  Bob Towler asked about the transition points from the deck to the workroom floor.  Tom Szombaty said the contractors will complete the transition points.  Tom has the manuals for the chillers, which are being installed.  When that process is done, the cranes will be removed and the rest of the paving will be completed.  The main parking lot has been paved; the remaining areas will be completed within the next three weeks.  Tom is bringing in the BEM so they can learn the new chiller system as well as the new air compressors.   

MAIL PROCESSING EQUIPMENT - Tom Szombaty reported that the first DB will arrive here on Friday, October 22, the second one will arrive on Monday, October 25 and the third on Friday, October 29.  The first DIOSS machine will arrive on November 1 and the second DIOSS will arrive on November 5.  While they are bringing the DBs in, they will be testing in between.  There will be 27 days to fine tune the new DBCSs.  We are still waiting for clarification for the additional stackers for the SPBS machine.  Tom is awaiting a call from Earl Jones.  Earl believes there are SPBS stackers in Topeka, Kansas.  Tom doesn’t want to put our SPBS together without the additional stackers and then have to tear it down to extend the machine.  Bob Fritsche asked if we have confirmation on whether the stackers in Topeka are for a Phase I or a Phase II SPBS.  Tom said Phase II is what we need to extend our machine.  Tom said the white exterior sections of the building will be painted.  Installation of the lobby boxes will start next week.  Tom has the lobby equipment on hand.  Tom supplied a status list of automation.  The Barney is our major task right now.  All the parts are in.  The Barney does run.  Tom said we have contractors here today on the VFS system to start doing marking for the columns for the VFS system. They will be here for 3 weeks.  The first AFCS is in place.  It is being fine tuned.  Tom said we are meeting our deadlines as best we can.  Tom said Les Wilkinson is the Project Coordinator Manager working for the Postal Service and Val Pfeifer is the Architect for Lockwood Green who is working with us.  They were given the final plans of the air compressor pipelines.  They will install new airlines for equipment so we don’t have any problems.  Les said the projection for completion of the air lines is four weeks.  Les said he is on schedule as far as he’s concerned.  Les hopes that most of the last minute changes have been brought forward.

REGISTRY, PARKING & SECURITY - Steve Roman was told that the card access system will be made compatible either through software or software changes.  Steve doesn’t know if we need additional cards than what we are using in Monroe.  We don’t have to change the files or redo the files.  The status of the security camera system changes by the second.  At one point, we had the final projection at 92 cameras.  We reviewed drawings, corrected the camera schedule and identified the need for 92 cameras, 16 multiplexers and 16 monitors.  Neil Kamichoff, Contract Security Specialist – NYMA, submitted a written recommendation for a digital security system in place of the analog system.  Les said we have a meeting scheduled with the subcontractor Thursday to find out what the time impact changes to the digital equipment is. Also, we are looking at the number of cameras needed.   Tom said Bill Nealon’s report justified every camera.  Joe said that the number of cameras was determined by our security people.  Bill Nealon said he has a couple of concerns.  The inspection service hasn’t approved digital recording.  Berne Holman recommended the digital system but Headquarters did not approve it because postal standards have not yet been changed to allow digital.  Bill Nealon thinks we should forget about a digital system.   Les said he will cancel Thursday’s meeting.    Bill Nealon said the Inspection Service was told that Trenton was going to replace the cameras that they had.  He just learned there is a question in ordering the number of cameras we asked for.  There are indications that Headquarters thinks that only 40 cameras will be sufficient to monitor the security of the facility.  Bob Towler said that at the time we closed, we were sitting relatively by ourselves on Route 130.  Since we vacated the facility in 2001, several major shopping centers have opened in close proximity.  He doesn’t know what kind of robberies there are in the area, but he believes we need to get back to at least the number of cameras that we had in the building when we left in 2001, especially in the customer service lobby.  Registry security was considered and addressed but in 2001, we never covered the stamp machine, the automated machines in the lobby or the parcel lockers.  Since there was inadequate coverage in the MOWS area, we added a few cameras to address these areas.  The path that the robberies took place was also uncovered.  We simply covered that with a few cameras and the others were entrances and exits.  The public entrances (lobby, BMEU, etc.), the employee entrance and the card access gate entrances and exits at a minimum is really what we had in the 80s when we began building the security system.  The system grew gradually over the years as we, or the Postal Inspectors, found other areas of the building that required security camera coverage.   Joe Sautello stated that the box lobby will be a 24/7 operation.  It will have state of the art vending equipment.  If the inspectors say we need cameras covering it, we need it.  If the inspectors are satisfied with the level of security, that’s fine.  But if something happens in that lobby and we don’t have it covered, that doesn’t make sense for the relatively insignificant cost of the additional cameras.  Bob Towler said we have to cover the registry.  It did have a major robbery.  Joe reminded the Inspectors that they reviewed the security diagrams and signed off on 90 cameras.  Bill Nealon said he will try to replace what we had - we should be able to get what we need.  We will not compromise on the registry cage or lobby but we may have to reduce the number of exterior cameras.  Les said Berne Holman is the inspection service architect.  Bill Nealon said even if we could use a few cameras outdoors, he never worried about the number.  Joe said he wants the proper information provided to Mr. Holman.  Bill Nealon said Berne Holman has nothing to do with it.  Neal Kamichoff said when the North Jersey Metro P&DC’s security system was designed, Berne Holman had the number of cameras cut back.  They have a system that is comparable to what we are asking for here.  The system will work.  We think that 40 cameras is entirely too few to adequately cover the operation even by our own requirements.  Joe asked who is going to negotiate the number of cameras.  Bill Nealon said that he will continue to work with Steve Roman to determine our needs.  Steve said there was one thing that bothered him on the drawings that he thought might be a part of the confusion on the number of cameras:   A number of cameras were listed as “new” when, in fact, they were existing cameras.  Several existing cameras were removed and/or relocated by the contractors prior to the fumigation.  The demolition of wall and removal of ceiling tiles also contributed to the difficulty in determining the locations of the existing cameras.  Les said compare the standard and guidelines.  What came up was 11 VCRs; adding 5 additional VCRs is a money issue.  Val said deviation request(s) will be required to justify a digital system vs., analog, any additional cameras over the levels established by postal standards and any additional multiplexers over postal standards.   Bill Nealon said he won’t argue for digital since the Inspection Service has not yet determined if the digital standard will be adopted.  Bill will determine the number of cameras required and will initiate deviation requests as appropriate.  Bob Fritsche asked Steve Roman if he saw the new memo requiring all facilities to go through a Headquarters committee to obtain approval for card access systems.   There was some disagreement on whether the new directive applied to Trenton but Bob Fritsche informed everyone the memo was forwarded to him by Arnie DeBlank, Manager Information Systems.  Arnie’s cover memo stated that Trenton would be affected by the new procedures.   Roman said that if that is true, then everything we did up to this point in designing the card access system is meaningless.  Bob Fritsche expressed concern about the length of time that would be required to get a request for a card access system through committee at Headquarters.  Joe said we will get to the bottom of it.  Joe said if the committee is not going to meet until February and we will be back in the building by that time, we will need some type of system so they will need to come up with a deviation.  Joe said we will find out what is going on with that.  Certainly we will have card access when we get back into the building.  Steve said everything is done or is waiting for the dates of implementation.

LOGISTICS & DOCK OPERATIONS - George Traynor reported that he doesn’’t have anything new.  There will be tentative schedules drawn up eight to ten weeks in advance as we get closer we will tweak them and implement them.

MOVE-IN DAY LAYOUT - Eric Perrine reported that the move-in day layout is in place, and changes in equipment will be put on the floor plan as notified.

MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS – Carlos Cruz stated that the Maintenance staffing package was submitted to the Area on October 8.  As soon as Carlos gets the blessing, he will do whatever he has to do.  Training requirement is done.  We have all the billets needed.  We requested billets for new people.  We have MP mechanics starting today.  We got two additional billets for BEM that started a few weeks back.  Art said the Building Services routes have all been completed.  They are waiting to be activated.  That will happen as soon as we get into the building.  Art said he will work with In-Plant Support on future machine acceptance tests.  Still waiting for BDS and VFS.  The as-built drawings are being updated or are already done.  Vito asked Carlos where we stand on the staffing for BME and custodians.  Carlos said out of 11 vacancies for BME and custodians, we have 9 filled.  Michele Jones said they are being considered for transfer requests.  Vito asked when we expect to have everything full.  Michele Jones said by next pay period we should be complete.  Building mechanics were tested last week.  They will be on board probably not until the middle of November, beginning of December.  Michele said there was one that started Saturday.  Three vacancies will be hired from outside.  Vito said it is very important, we need those people.  He said to stay on top of it and have a back up plan.  Carlos said ETs are at complement.  Carlos submitted the requisition for the required equipment for cleaning.  It was approved.  Safety storage was ordered.  Tom Szombaty said that his Equipment and Building Refurbishment tasks were still works-in-progress as the refurbishment efforts continue.

TRAINING & EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION - Rich Schrader said now that we are closer to having a completion date, maybe we want to look at getting into C54 approximately 4 weeks before we get into the building for training the Supervisors.  Les said he will check it if it’s okay for January 1.  Joe said we’d like to have access to C-54 by January 1.  People will come in to C54 only for training, so they can enter from the front door near the window section. The biggest concern is we don’t want them interfering with what Les has to do.  Joe said he is hoping for two different type tours:  The first is just getting a group of employees that we pick, or second, have a day that we set up and tell the employees in advance.   Under the first scenario, we will bring in a small number of employees to take a look at the facility.  These individuals will be a cross section of all employees and can share what they saw with the other employees.  Under the second scenario, we will pick a Sunday (perhaps from 12 and 5:00 PM) to allow employees come to the facility and for a short tour.    Les said by January 1 it won’t be too difficult to do it either way.  Less suggested that larger number of smaller groups because of the safety aspect.  Joe said the initial tour for the employees would be done within the next four to six weeks.  The supervisors would be a much smaller number to tour in January.  Les said the later the date, the safer the building would be as more of the construction work would be completed.  The media and political leaders will tour the building on November 15.  Vito prefers to conduct these tours before the mail is back in the facility.  Les said he will need a week or so notice.  Vito said it has to be done before November 15, so be on notice right now.  Tom has already ordered furniture for the lunch room.  The state was notified and walked through the building.  Rich Schrader said he has approximately 650 pamphlets he is storing for employee orientation.  The employee orientation will be accomplished as the employees reenter the building on the first day of work.  Rich said the only items that may need to be added to the pamphlet is information on parking and the building evacuation plan.  Rich can have this information inserted to the folders.  Rich said the tour will be scheduled.  The open house may be a week or two before the facility is open, probably on a Sunday.  Arnie Endick said he spoke with the lead person on the Brentwood open house committee, and she sent him all of the information including handouts, pictures, programs, etc. to give us an idea as to what they did so we could decide whether or not we want to mirror their actions.  They built their program around the memorial to Mr. Curseen and Mr. Morris.  Their images are portrayed visually in the program.  Their theme was “New Beginnings”.  They went all out, above and beyond, for the food they served.  They handed out acknowledgements because they wanted employees to walk away with something in their pocket.   Lastly, the committee leader indicated to Arnie that either her or her team is available if we want them to come up and discuss anything with us.    They distributed the give-away items to employees at the open house.  Arnie Endick said he believes it was on a Sunday, a week prior to the actual opening of the operation.  Wanda said we will need six to eight weeks to order the give-away items.

 PERSONNEL ACTIONS - Michele Jones said she is filling the vacancies that they have.  Nothing else new.

 SAFETY & HEALTH SERVICES - William Gilmartin reported that they looked at the fire extinguishers. They are functional but because of it going into the new year, there needs to be a yearly inspection.  We reviewed 50% of the programs that are being used in Monroe.  They are making it Trenton specific.  They were working with Jim Soo on the evacuation plan.  There is a significant amount of fire extinguishers.  We don’t need to have them replaced.  It is too early to interface with subcommittees.  As we get closer, we will prepare a floor protection program.  The medical equipment has been ordered.   We are looking to order another cart for hazardous spills.  Jim Soo gave Bill a copy of the evacuation plan today.  Bill said he needs some time to make sure it is all done.  Jim Soo’s layout is fine.  Some finalization needs to be done to the doors. 

BUDGET REQUIREMENTS - Wanda Scott reported that last week our finance number for Homeland was discontinued by Headquarters.  We are now using a number that has been established by the New York Metro Area.  There should be no concerns out there if somebody has invoices that have been made but the vendors have not been paid.  We have taken care of all those areas so everything proceeds as normal.  All the credit cards have been changed to the new number.  Because of this, all the requisitions that have been input by Regina Kellam and Debbie McKenzie and Bob Fritsche’s department were sent back because the finance number had been changed.  Wanda said they also changed the Fed strip finance number that maintenance was using to have the supplies ordered.  Everything has been taken care of.  Wanda said at present ordering is in full speed. 

PROCUREMENT ACTIONS - Debbie McKenzie and Regina Kellam distributed spreadsheets for all equipment that has been ordered.  Regina and Debbie had to go back in and resubmit Ebuys with a new finance number, so they are up to date.  Everything on the spreadsheet that Regina supplied has been ordered.  This is in relation to the VIDMAR cabinets.  Those items had to be resubmitted to change the finance number. 

TACS and MODS - The numbers were determined and they are going to the requisition process. 

TELECOMMUNICATIONS - There was no representation from Information Systems at this meeting.

RETAIL SERVICES - Walter Jauch said they have continued ordering the supplies for the facility.  The POS units and APC are waiting for Linda Thompson to get her wiring in for the network and then we can go ahead and start ordering that.   There were meetings with IS started anything with the APC in the facility.  Val Pfeifer said the opening has been cut.  The outlets are there and there was one pay phone.  Tom Szombaty said Linda and Arnie had an extensive meeting and everything is on track.  Walter Jauch said they are looking to get the APC in by November so he will touch base with Linda.  The PO boxes should start next week.  Tom Szombaty said everything is on hand.  Bob ordered the laser display.   Doreen asked if we are requesting additional box numbers for the boxes.  Robert Beith said it’s the same number scheme.  Tom said he mirrored the box section to what it was in 2001. 

EXPRESS MAIL - Jane VanEerde said there was nothing new to report.  She and George Traynor stay in touch.  Jane has been working on updating the master list of corporate accounts and a letter will go out requesting an update on any changes.  When we get closer to the opening date, a final letter will go out to all customers with the information on the opening date and hours of operation. 

BULK MAIL SERVICES - Bob Wszolek said we are following the schedule as is.  As we get closer to the actual confirm date, we will notify the customers with specific time frames - probably with contract large volume and permit mail specifically with the business service network.  Tom Szombaty asked if bulk mail contacted anyone about the safe.  Carol Minter said she talked to Regina a while ago and no one has contacted Tom yet.  Bob Wszolek said they contacted two vendors.

MEDIA – George Flood said on November 15 there will be a briefing for elected officials.  The Government Relations staff in Washington will be mailing out the invitations this week.  We will use the same invitation list as before.  The one complication that we have is there is an upcoming election and with that some political officials may change.  George said they are working on the comments for Vito.  We are updating the questions and answers on background material.  George says we will move on to the media tour.  Joe asked Tom to work out the details about what will take place and what we will do.  George Flood said he would like to do a walk-through rehearsal prior to the political officials’ walkthrough. 

NOTIFY THE PUBLIC - James Sherman said we need to notify the public of the reopening.  Joe said we will run ads, and put something out on the radio and cable television.  And we may do a mass mailing to all the residents in the immediate area.  James also mentioned the boxes out in front of the post office.  Joe said we will have a 24 hour operation, so he doesn’t know if we will put those boxes back.  A final determination has not yet been made. 




AUGUST 31, 2004 

A Post Office Activation Committee (POAC) meeting was held at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, August 31, 2004 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall located at 2419 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ.  Attendees are listed on attached sheet. 

Bob Fritsche started the meeting by welcoming everyone and announcing that Dave Solomon was present.  Dave addressed the attendees and stated that he did a walkthrough at the Hamilton facility to see how the progress was going.  He said the progress that is being made is remarkable.  There are a lot of postal people from around the country, as well as the local employees, that have dedicated themselves to getting the P&DC up and running.  It is important to do it correctly, rather than just quickly.  He thanked everyone for the patience they have shown over the years.  Vito Cetta thanked Dave for coming down to the facility and for his continuing support.  Vito stated that he has been through the building many times over the past couple of months.  He said we will have a great opportunity to be as good as we were, even better than when we left the building.  As Dave said, be patient.  We have to stay energized.  It may be a little rocky ahead.  It will happen.  We will reopen, and the building is coming along beautifully.  It is almost a brand new building inside.  Joe Sautello added that the building is on schedule.  Over the next couple of months, the POAC meetings will become more frequent.  He said we are on schedule, so we are looking at a January phase-in of operations.  Joe mentioned that there is an employee brunch scheduled for November 14.  It will follow the same format as the previous brunches.  Speakers will come from Washington to address the employees.  Joe advised that a video tape will be shown at today’s meeting.  The video is narrated by a Maintenance employee and shows the inside of the facility and the progress that has been made.  The video will be shown to every employee on every tour to give them an idea of the progress that Maintenance has been making.  

FLOOR - Bob Fritsche stated that at the last meeting there was some concern with the timeframe required for the replacement of the floor.  He advised that the contractor is ahead of schedule.  The floor is almost done.  Joe said the only thing that’s left is the lobby area behind the box section. 

VIDEO - The video was shown.  Joe thanked Ralph Moccio for a job well done.  Joe said the video should be out to the employees within the next couple of weeks.  

Bob Fritsche said basically we are on schedule for the renovation work to be completed by mid-December.  We have received information about the five DBCSs that Headquarters is supplying.  The first will arrive on September 20, the next two will arrive seven days later, and the last one, seven days after that.  Each task force spokesperson was then asked for an update. 

MAIL PROCESSING/REGISTRY, PARKING & SECURITY/ACTUAL MOVE PLAN - Steve Roman stated that his group is the MDOs and Jim Soo.  We are on the same schedule except a week off.  Basically the tasks are done until we make any changes to the plan.  The pay locations for the badge readers have been determined.  Supervisors’ orientation and updating the operating plan can be done shortly before move-in day.  Steve said that his tasks are done in the sense that if the plan stays the same, then we’re ready.  Roger and Henry are doing a Supervisor orientation and they are ready to go and Eric is on top of the operating plan as it now stands.  Steve said all employees have a current ID badge and those that need access cards have them.  We don’t know if we can use the Monroe cards that were already issued.  Roger and Henry Moore will take care of the move in when we get closer to move in date.  The parking space layout and the identified spaces, including handicapped parking spaces, is still up in the air.  Tom Szombaty said that the layout is to be determined.  Paving the parking lot has been pushed back since the contractor has to do the school system first.  They are going to do the main parking lot sometime in December.  After that, they will complete the numbering and striping.  Tom Szombaty said there will be a meeting to discuss the parking layout.  Everyone has a current parking pass.  We are planning on using the same passes.  New employees will receive a parking pass on a one-by-one basis.  Steve Roman said we are going to have a separate category of temporary passes.  Steve reviewed the exterior security plan and outside fencing and said they cleared trees and brush off part of the fence line.  The lights of the exterior will have to be redone, but that will be done after move in.  Lockers and control keys – Steve has the cards and we will use the same system as before.  There will be a master lock for lockers and employees will use combination locks for all lockers in the building.  Roger and Butch are developing a preliminary move-in day plan for miscellaneous furniture and equipment on the work floor.  Bob Fritsche will develop a list of any items that will be moved from Monroe and determine whether a contractor is needed to move it.  Jim Soo has a preliminary plan for the marked floor.  Steve said if the schedule keeps up, we have everything covered.  The only remaining issues are changing the access badges if necessary, and developing a plan to stripe and number the parking lots.    

LOGISTICS & DOCK OPERATIONS - George Traynor said our first task is to develop the HCR routes.  We had quite a few meetings with the New York Distribution Networks Office, and he spoke with John Westrick.  We needed to ask for additional money for the HCR routes because each route trip is longer so we’ve got some cost there.  But we’ve worked that out with the DNO folks.  We have tentative schedules made up already.  We will put the permanent schedule in place about a month before we move.  We will have a meeting with the HCR contractors and tell them what the plan is.  We are right on schedule with the MVS routes.  On exterior illumination, George said if the lighting is the same as we had, we have adequate lighting for the trailers.  There is already an SOP in place for the trailer moves that was used prior to leaving the building, so that will be used again.  The only difference is we will have additional trailer bays on the south side of the building that we didn’t have before.  We have to number those and put the proper trucks in at the right time.  There should be no problem.  George said there is nothing that we need more than a month lead time for to make things permanent.   Joe asked the only thing is when we start phasing operations back, they should understand that we will run duplicate transportation, some out of the facility and some out of Monroe.  George said when we have our HCR meeting we will discuss it with them.  

MOVE-IN DAY LAYOUT - Eric Perrine said we do have the floor plan.  It has been a work in progress and it has been continuously updated as we change our equipment inventory.  We have assigned all the machines numbers so there are no discrepancies with EOR system and MODS.  Jim Soo met with the Postmaster and Plant Manager about the floor plan.  The case diagrams and labeling are on order.  

MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL REQUIREMENTS – Carlos Cruz said there is sufficient staffing for the Supervisors.  There are six Supervisors, so we can afford operating 24/7 coverage.  Carlos is checking data

and inventory of the equipment we will have once we move into the building, and he is putting it together where we will set up the p.m. windows and we can determine how many MPE general mechanics we will need for each tour.  Presently there are 10 custodial vacancies.  Five candidates qualified after the last exam. A job is being held for the VMF.  Carlos said we have a request from an individual from the Bulk Mail Center to transfer to Trenton.  Vito asked how many more custodians do we need to hire.  We will probably have to fill the VMF position.  Joe said the Area gave us permission for eleven, and we have six that are coming on board.  Carlos said we should be up to par in early October.  Vito said he wants the ten hired by October 1.  Joe said the point is Steve Forte gave us permission from the stand point that they will work in the P&DC facility.  Joe wants them at the P&DC.  There are four vacancies.  He filled two and two are pending.  As soon as we get those, we should be up to complement.  Carlos said we are down 4 BEM positions.  Vito said we have to be very aggressive.  Joe said if we can’t find any inside candidates interested, let’s move on.  Carlos submitted a staffing requirement package to the Area. The Area wants to use that for the time being as a template.  When we move into the facility, they will work on the staffing.  Vito stated that there is no reason to wait for the move-in date.  The staffing package must be completed within the next few weeks.  Carlos said the training is ongoing.  We canvass the guys and we send them out for training.  

MECHANIZATION MAINTENANCE – Art Bondie said basically nothing has changed in his timelines.  He needs to wait until we get closer to the building opening to do the work he needs to do.  He will develop route sheets for mail processing equipment.  Art said we will have plenty of parts.  He said he would set up satellite shop areas after move-in.  He didn’t order enough VIDMAR cabinets for satellite areas.  The cabinets he ordered were for the custodial area.  Art said he will probably need six to set up satellite shop.  Joe said you’re just talking about in the area where the machine is that’s where you are going to store some of the parts?  Art said yes.  Nobody will even notice that transition will occur.  Are Bondie will order maintenance handbooks.  We are now getting chillers with some of the equipment we don’t have handbooks for.  We have to order them from vendors and make sure we have adequate copies.  Joe said we know what we are getting so let’s order the manuals now.  B. Fritsche asked if we know the model numbers of the contractor supplied equipment like the chillers, for example.  Art Bondie replied that Tom Szombaty said that will be supplied by the contractor.  Tom Szombaty said he may get that possibly in two weeks.  Art Bondie said the only other thing that I have to take care of is the “as-built” diagrams which are not yet available.  As soon as they are, Jim Soo and I will be working on that.  Right now the biggest wait is getting the storage cabinets.  The Vidmar cabinets were put through E-buy.  Wanda Scott will check on it.  Vito instructed Wanda to check on a delivery time.  

STAFFING PACKAGE - Joe asked Carlos to go back to the staffing package to the Area.  Carlos said early in September 2003 he worked on a staffing package for all areas in Maintenance.  It was signed by all of the above and Mr. Cetta and it went to the Area on November 9, 2003.  That is the staffing package they are going by for now.  When we move into the facility, they want a new staffing package.  Carlos said there will be some changes because there is some additional equipment that was not included.  Vito said to prepare it now and get it to the Area in November.  Joe said he doesn’t want to wait until January when we get into the facility.  We know the equipment that will be in there and we know what the facility looks like, so there is no reason that we do it in January when we get in there because we know the staffing we will need. 

EQUIPMENT & BUILDING REFURBISHMENT – Tom Szombaty reported that all obsolete equipment has been removed except for the Lockheed Martin Small Parcel Bundle Feed System which we have determined we will not use.  Instead, we will use the Siemans Feed System which will be contractor installed.  The staffing needed for rebuilding equipment has been identified.  Thirty seven people are working on the equipment and we are doing very well.  We have seven DBs completed.  We are starting to place them on the workroom floor and line them up for leveling and trouble shooting to get them up and running.  We have two more to be rebuilt.  Ordering parts for machines has been ongoing.  The goal for the machine rebuilding is for completion by mid-to-end December so it will be ready for January.  Rebuilding floor scales – all that equipment will be done prior to moving in.  We have the scales on hand.  Badge readers will be going in.  Replacing the air compressor will be completed within two weeks.  All air compressors have been installed.  All electrical work is ongoing and is a big part of the project.  Power drops and air drops will be contracted as well.  Tom has the front boxes on hand and they will be installed when we move into the facility.  The new floor layout requires additional power drops.  That will be done through a Headquarters Project or come through the Area.  Development of a new key system and parking system is ongoing.  It will be done in a month or so.  Tom met with Regina Kellam, Procurement Clerk, to order all office equipment.  Regina is in the process of doing all E-buys for that.  

Doreen Clark asked Tom Szombaty if there would be additional staffing of general mechanics to assemble miscellaneous equipment like racks and cases.  Tom confirmed that there will be staffing.  Tom said there is still a lot of overhead electrical work (including telephone wiring) to be done.  This work is expected to be completed sometime in November.  Tom said as the contractor turns over the floor space to us, we will be able to set up operations.  B. Fritsche said all the racks, cases and other equipment will arrive in a short window.  Szombaty said as the equipment is put on the floor, he will have people to assemble it, including ETs if necessary. B. Fritsche asked if the floor is finished or is the contractor required to put on final a coat of wax?   Szombaty said there is one more waxing and buffing to do.  Fritsche asked when it would be done.  Szombaty said he wasn’t sure, but that it will be near the completion date.  Tom said he will get that information.  Vito said the custodians will become important.  At some point you have to take control of the floor.  Once they are finished, you have to say come in they are finished and then you probably have the custodians sealing and resealing the floor until the day we move in there.  Tom said he will have a plan. 

Tom Szombaty met with the New Jersey State Division of the Blind concerning the vending area and the lunch room.  They have no problem.  They will bring in the same equipment for food vending.  A different person will run it.  They want to know when Monroe will close because they will have two areas.     

BUILDING MAINTENANCE – Carlos said Debbie McKenzie will handle contracts for trash removal.  Carlos and Debbie composed a list of required cleaning equipment that is needed to start up and Debbie will work on the paperwork to submit requisitions.  Carlos would like to order cabinets to safely store paint.  Carlos will work on a layout for the back room that will store all equipment and custodial supplies. 

TRAINING – Rich Schrader said we will replicate the Brentwood training package.  Bob Fritsche informed Tom Szombaty that we are planning to get the training done in C54.  Tom Szombaty will check with the contractor to see if the C-54 conference room can be completed in time for the training.  

PERSONNEL ACTIONS – Michele Jones said there is not much updating.  They are continuing to work on the Maintenance vacancies.  As we get closer to opening and closer to finding out what the actual make up will be with the staffing, we will proceed.  Bob Towler asked if E-reassign is the only way to handle interested transfers.  Michele said they should be put into E-reassign.  All interested reassignment requests should be given to Personnel immediately.    

EMPLOYEE SERVICES - Tom Szombaty reported that the furniture has been ordered and we are waiting for the shipment.  Rich Schrader confirmed they are on schedule for training the Supervisors.  They plan on starting at least four weeks before we re-enter the building.  Bob Fritsche said we would like to do it in the building in conference room C-54.  Joe said that we still need to plan for the open house.  Rich Schrader said Brentwood started bringing their employees back in the building with their families after the building went live.  It was two months after the building was up and functional and all the kinks were worked out.  Rich said we are looking at March, April, May.  Joe asked if the Unions agree.  Both Bill Lewis and Steve Bahrle agreed. 

SAFETY & HEALTH SERVICES - Al Oliver confirmed that the Emergency Action Plan is up to date. 

EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION - Vito asked what is the number of hours for the employee orientation.  Rich said it is one hour of classroom training for each craft employee in that section.  For Supervisors it is an eight-hour training session.  

PROCUREMENT – Regina Kellam said she and Debbie McKenzie are working closely on procurement of all items that have lead times.  The cafeteria is taken care of.  Trash and snow removal are in E-buy and will be finalized on Thursday.  The contract with New Jersey Transit for the carriers is in place.  It has been approved and contract awarded.  The majority of the furniture listed under D2.2 on the agenda has been ordered already, but our goal was to input what Maintenance and Mail Processing had given us so we will have the articles that we needed but we will still have to verify the amount with Tom and Bob Towler.  We currently have 100 E-buys that are pending.  We want to be certain that they are needed so they won’t need to be returned.  Some major things (Lektrievers and cafeteria furniture) have been approved and ordered.  We have ordered numerous parts for the Barney and that has been taken care of.  Tom Szombaty gave Regina a 46-page package which lists furniture.  It is listed by individual functional areas and individual offices so we can have an account what went into each space.  That list is being combined and input in to E-buy.  We have to sit down with the individual offices because the people in those areas know what they had and what they need.  Allsteel is working with us.  They will send out a representative.  Regina said spread sheets were made up to track each item so we know what the status is.  Regina said at the next meeting we will have the report printout on each individual item.  A meeting was held two weeks ago to discuss storing these items to make sure they are secure.  Space is being set aside to store the items so they can be locked away and accounted for.  

TACS SYSTEM & MODS – Eric Perrine confirmed this is on schedule. 

INFORMATION SYSTEMS – TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Linda Thompson said she has an upcoming meeting with Sprint.  They will want to know when they can get in the telephone room.  Tom Szombaty will check with the contractor then let Linda know when she can have access to the room.  Vito asked if there are any major lead items?  Linda will know more after she speaks to Sprint.  Vito said we are going to operate in that building in January.  He doesn’t want telecommunications to hold us up.  Linda said they won’t.  They have a deadline of November 26.  Vito said that goes for everyone in the room.  We are going to do something in the building in January.  If anyone has any long lead items, you must know it.  These items must be on order now so we can go in and operate in January.  If something beyond our control happens that prevents us from doing it, we can’t help it.  But Vito doesn’t want anything to prevent us from operating.  Vito said this must be a flawless reactivation so nothing can hold us up.  We have four solid months before January 1.  If there are any long lead items, they must get ordered.  Joe added that if anybody runs into any difficulties or roadblocks to let him know.  If there are any problems, let Joe know because we can move around that.  Linda said the issue becomes getting access to the computer room so we can put the map board up and put the phones in place.  Tom Golden added that the telecommunication technicians from North Carolina have a floor plan so they have a rough idea.  Linda said we need access to the computer room.  Vito asked how long after I give you that room will everything be completed, how many weeks?  Linda said eight weeks.  Tom Szombaty said he will try to get access to the room October 1.  Linda said everything else is fine, and she will have more information at the next meeting after she meets with Sprint.  Bob Fritsche asked about T1 lines.  Linda said it is all part of the system she is working on.  The PA system is part of the phone system and it will all be taken care of.  

RETAIL – Darleen Reid said all the items that they were asked to order have been ordered.  Robert Bieth, Retail Specialist, and Walter Jauch, POS Coordinator accompanied Darleen at this meeting.  Walter Jauch said the POS units at the trailer will move back to the building.  There will be 3 units in the building.  We were thinking of getting a unit for the passport office.  We will need a drop at the passport office.  Tom Szombaty said it will be in the lobby area.  Walter said a portable POS unit was ordered, so it can be moved to a Dutch door.  He will need a drop and an outlet there also.  He will get the POS units.  Joe said to Walter, the two POS units in the trailers are going to move.  When we decide we are going to open to the public, we will have to move them that night or over that Sunday.  Walter said that won’t be a problem.  Walter said the APC is scheduled to be installed on November 5 at MOWS.  The APC will need a power drop and a Network connection.  Linda said we took care of the drop, but November 5th we didn’t know about.  Darleen said our install date is solid.  Szombaty said he will verify.  Vito asked what they do during the installation.  Walter said they plug it in and test it, do diagnostics, check Express Mail files.  Walter said he thinks the contract with IBM requires completion of the installation by the end of November.  That is why we had that window to install this to get the equipment for the facility.  Joe said let’s see how we are going with Linda.  If it starts running into a tight window, maybe we can push it back to the back end of November.  Walter said if we run into the end of November, we might have a problem.  He said another consideration with the POS unit in order to get the additional machines, we have to have them built.  They will need four to six weeks notice to know what type of software to put in there.  Walter needs to know what software we will be on at that point.  Joe asked how do you update a normal POS.  Walter said it is on line and it automatically updates by overwriting the previous version.  Darleen said all retail items are in their possession locked in a trailer.  When they get the “okay” from Tom Szombaty, they will set up the retail area. 

EXPRESS MAIL – Jane VanEerde does not anticipate any changes in HUB and Spoke so no changes in commitments are anticipated.  She is working with George Traynor.  As George said earlier, travel time may change to meet critical entry time because it is approximately 15 miles longer to the air field vs. Monroe.  As far as notifying the customers, Jane is working with BSN on Premier Accounts and when we are closer to re-entering the building,  she will work with Steve Kubala and Station Managers to make sure that all bases are covered.  She has the master list of Corporate Account holders for 085 and 086 offices.  They will be updated with current information on those customers and a letter will be sent out sometime in early December advising them of the new location, date and hours of operation. 

BULK MAIL SERVICES – Carol Minter said as far as notifying customers of new location, opening date and services available, a letter will be drafted and sent out.  Four weeks lead time is needed for computer installation.  Six weeks prior to move-in, a work order will be submitted to Maintenance to move MERLIN from the Annex to the new BMEU.  There were desks in the Mail Requirement offices.  Tom Szombaty said we plan to put desks back in there.  Bob said we have two mail entry sites, one in Kilmer and one in Princeton, that will keep operating once we move back.  Customers can take mail to alternate entry sites if need be.  Jim Sherman said some power equipment is needed for Bulk Mailing.  Power jacks were ordered.  Steve Bahrle said a small Toyota forklift is needed.  Steve said the Bulk Mail Supervisor should have his/her own office separate from the clerks.  Joe said it is being addressed.  Doreen asked if the two Postage Due operations will combine.  Joe said yes.  The only thing at the Annex will be carriers.  Doreen said the postage due materials will need to be removed from the Annex.  

CUSTOMER MESSAGING – George Flood said basically our message is the same, which is, we are on track with the refurbishment and we are preparing to phase in the operations in January, and also to have our grand opening ceremony some time in early spring.  We are also planning on hosting a media briefing, as well as an elected official briefing on November 15.  Public Affairs is having a meeting next Thursday to discuss putting together some of the messaging so it should be ready by November, end of October.  George would appreciate any input that anyone might have.     

CLOSING REMARKS – Joe Sautello said we are on base with all the different groups.  Just keep moving ahead. 

Vito added that he wants everyone to keep in mind that we are talking tentative dates for completion and opening.  Don’t worry about what the contractors do.  You do your part to get in on January 1.  Vito wants everyone to be ready for January 1.  Vito feels the Maintenance people will fulfill their commitment.  What we can’t control could hurt us.  What we are going to do is what is in our control.  




May 17, 2004

A Post Office Activation Committee (POAC) meeting was held at 2 p.m. on Monday, May 17, 2004 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall located at 2419 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ.  Attendees can be found on attached sheet. 

PRESENT STATUS OF THE P&DC - Postmaster Joseph Sautello began the meeting by bringing attendees up to date since given the “all clear” on the facility.  Maintenance is working in the building and has started rebuilding the equipment.  One DBCS machine is near completion.  Mail was run on it to work out the kinks.  Volunteers will come in and work on a couple of machines at one time.  A December timeline is projected for all the equipment to be completed.  The contractor has arrived and has started some of the reconstruction in the building.  Work was begun in the lobby section last week.  The asbestos floor tile will be covered with new asphalt planking.  This will be done in four sections, beginning in the carrier’s area.  The contractor is confident that this part of the project will be completed by the October-November timeframe.  It appears that we are on schedule, and can expect to be moving back into the facility in January 2005.  We picked up one AFCS from the Bronx on Friday, May 14.  The BDS system is scheduled for November.  If BDS and VFS installation are completed, we may start running a small amount (5%-10%) of collections during the month of December to see how the BDS will react.  

MAINTENANCE - Bob Towler made mention of the unbelievable job that Maintenance performed.  They took DBCS #62 apart piece by piece, rebuilt it, and reassembled it piece by piece.  The machine was sandblasted and painted.  Towler believes this machine will run much better than Brentwood’s machines.  The machine they rebuilt looks brand new.  Joe Sautello feels that Maintenance will surpass their timeframe.  MTSC personnel were here early on, and Earl Jones, Project Coordinator, was here last week visiting the facility.  Earl Jones was surprised by the progress that was made on the machines.  He compared the machines to those in Brentwood, stating that they were more corroded than Brentwood’s. 

PLANNED RENOVATION WORK - Maintenance will rebuild DBCS #61 next and is also working on AFSM 100 #36.  Each DBCS will be broken down into separate modules for rebuilding.  Tom Szombaty said that DBCS rebuilding activities will be moved into the carrier section of the building after the new flooring is installed there.  New asphalt plank flooring will be installed on the main part of the workroom floor in three phases.  The east end will be completed first, the middle section completed next, and the west end will be completed last.  As each DBCS module is rebuilt, it will be staged in the carrier section until the middle section of the new floor has been installed.  The rebuilt modules will then be moved from the carrier section to the main work floor where they will be assembled and installed as complete machines.  Five new DBCSs are scheduled to arrive in September.  If the flooring contractor adheres to the schedule, the new machines should be able to be installed on the work floor upon arrival. 

SUBCOMMITTEES - Bob Fritsche developed a list of subcommittees that are assigned tasks to be accomplished for the re-entry of the facility.  Spokespersons/Chairmen were selected, but may be changed by the Functional Manager.  Bob would like the designated spokesperson to report to him with any task they feel is necessary that was overlooked.  Within the next two weeks, he would like the selected spokesperson to work on the committees and report to him on the individuals selected and length of time needed for each task.  A copy of the list will be sent to each functional head for suggestions or changes.  Also, the Union was included under certain tasks.  They were asked to participate or designate someone.  Joe would also want the Union’s participation when moving back into the facility.  If any chairperson feels that Union participation would be helpful in completing any task, they should advise Bob Fritsche.  

PERIMETER OFFICE FLOORS - The floors in the offices located off the workroom floor (Union offices and Bulk Mailing) will also be replaced with either tile or carpeting.  

SOUTH DOCK - The south dock will be enclosed.  It will be done prior to us returning to the building.  

BMEU/MOWS PHASE IN - These areas will be phased in.  The administrative personnel will not return to the building before the craft employees. 

SPBS - Tom Szombaty stated that the SPBS will be replaced, but the feed system will be rebuilt.  Bob Fritsche advised we are looking for a replacement SPBS. 

POWERED INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES (PIV) - The PIV will have new-type batteries. 

FINANCE - Someone will be designated to track through Tom Szombaty, Tom Golden and Carlos Cruz all of the volunteer employees coming in and those hours being transferred to Homeland Security. 

PHONES - Location of telephones must be determined within the next several weeks.  This information is needed by Information Systems. 

BRIEFING - It was suggested to have a briefing for elected officials prior to the opening of the facility.  Also, an employee informational brunch will be done when we near re-entry.  

APC - Trenton will receive one Automated Postal Center for the Customer Retail Lobby. 

BMEU - Merlin will be installed behind the BMEU area in a part of the former CFS office.  Also, the BMEU scale that is in the building is still operational. 

FLOOR DIAGRAMS - Jim Soo said he received a call from Lockwood Greene’s office notifying him that there were several differences between his diagrams and Lockwood Greene’s.  Jim will get together with Lockwood Greene’s architect to resolve the differences. 

EAP - All focus groups have been completed, and went well.  A report is being completed. 

SAFETY - Of note was that restoration work began on March 18 with no accidents, making a total of 50 accident-free workdays. 

VOLUNTEERS - There is a shortage of volunteers due to Plant Managers not being able to let their people go.  We have approximately 20.  We are looking for 40 volunteers.  Another concern was the fact that we would be giving 8 hours straight time, and their home office would be paying out overtime.  Where the volunteers will be housed is still to be determined.  The Union stated they receive phone calls and/or emails from interested volunteers on a daily basis. 

AFCS - To date, we don’t know where the AFCSs are coming from.  Bob Fritsche said the New York Metro Area.   Joe said one from the Bronx and we are discussing with the Area to bring another one in from the outside and one coming from Kilmer. If we don’t win that discussion, then the second one will also come from Kilmer.   

VMF - Within the next two weeks the contractors will have a final meeting and will begin work.  Two months after that, it should be done.  The Maintenance personnel domiciled at the VMF will vacate the building.  They will occupy a room in the P&DC facility that has been refurbished.  There will also be a trailer on site, and restrooms within the P&DC will be available.  

FACILITY RESTROOMS - The extent that each restroom will be restored will depend on its condition.    

In closing, attendees were instructed to put their timelines together.  The Postmaster will inform each functional head of the subcommittee outline and ask for suggestions or replacements, which will be discussed at the next meeting.   



MAY 17, 2004 


Steve Bahrle, Pres, Branch 308, NPMHU

Doreen Clark, Operation Support Specialist

Roger Danbury, Pres, NAPS

Arnie DeBlank, Manager, Information Systems

Arnie Endick, HR/WIA

Fascio, Adam, Supervisor, DTS

George Flood, Communications Spec

Robert Fritsche, POAC Coordinator

William Gilmartin, Manager, Safety, CNJD

Thomas Golden, Manager, Maintenance Operations

Lynn Goldstein, Manager, HR

Dennis Hurley, OSS (A), Trenton

Yvette L Jackson, MDO (T-1)

Charles Johnson, Supervisor, MOWS

Michelle Jones, Mgr Personnel Services

Neil Kamichoff, Security Specialist

Regina Kellam, Contract Technician

Bob Lauer, VP, Trenton APWU

Bill Lewis, Pres, Trenton APWU

Deborah McKenzie, Maintenance, Purchasing Clerk

Carol Minter, Supervisor, BMEU

Henry Moore, MDO (T-3)

Kevin O’Neill, EAP

Dave Parkerson, STO, Trenton

Eric Perrine, Oper Support Spec

Stephen Roman, Manager, MDO (T-2)

Joseph Sautello, Postmaster Trenton

Wanda Scott, Purchasing Spec

James Sherman, NPMHU

James Soo, Oper Support Spec

Tom Szombaty, Site Coordinator

Linda Thompson, Info System Coord

Diane Todd, Mgr Pub Affairs & Comm

Robert Towler, Plant Mgr, Trenton

Robert Wszolek, Manager, BMEU, CNJD




MARCH 22, 2004 

A Post Office Activation Committee (POAC) Meeting was held at 1 p.m. on Monday, March 22, 2004 at the Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall located at 2419 Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ.  Attendees can be found on attached sheet. 

PRESENT STATUS OF THE P&DC.  Contractors are presently in the facility clearing out the fumigation equipment.  These items are being loaded onto flatbed trucks and are taken to Somerville.  This work is scheduled to be completed in ten working days. 

PLANNED RENOVATION WORK.  This is scheduled to start anytime.  The evacuation plan will be completed shortly.  We are still looking at a May 1st date to begin the renovation.  Tom Szombaty said the start date has been pushed back to May 15th.  Renovation on some of the automation equipment has been started.  On the latest telecon, Earl Jones stated a projected completion date of December 3 for automation refurbishment.  That is our target.  We have convinced Headquarters to incorporate the South Dock Enclosure Project with the renovation.  

EQUIPMENT RENOVATION – The MTSC evaluated our mail processing equipment piece by piece and issued a report on February 26.  Based on the report, five of the DBCSs need to be replaced, and the remaining seven should be rebuilt.  Replacements will be found for the other equipment.  It is easier to find replacements from other facilities, which we have leads on, than try to rebuild.  There is a flat canceller in Newark that we can pick up.  A bar code sorter in Long Island City, another bar code sorter in Staten Island, an OCR in Brooklyn and an SPBS in about five different facilities.  We will continue to look for equipment that meets our requirements.  We need an SPBS with a left-handed configuration with six induction consoles and 132 hold outs.  We will have to tailor something to meet our needs if we cannot find it..  We will rebuild the 100s, which were only four/five months old when we evacuated the building.  Of the seven DBCS’s, we will start with number 62 and we will be using our own Maintenance personnel and any volunteers.  There will be a representative from MTSC to over see the refurbishment effort.  Doreen Clark asked if we will have racks for machines.  We will inquire about racks from originating sites, but if racks are not available, we will have to supply them on our own. 

POAC SUB-COMMITTEES:  It is too early for individual subcommittee reports. 

TRANSPORTATION:  After completion of the South Dock Enclosure Project, Transportation will have the south dock to utilize.  There will be nine bays.  George Traynor requested engine block heaters on the north dock.  Twenty-three vehicles need to be plugged in at one time from 8 pm until 8 am.  

HOMELAND SECURITY:  We need to track the cost when refurbishing the equipment so we can charge it to Homeland Security.  It is important that everything gets tracked.  Log the work that is being done, the hours, travel, parts cost.   

SAFETY AND HEALTH:  Bill Gilmartin has conducted two informal walk-through inspections of the facility and will continue to do so on a daily basis.  The Health and Safety Plan is a living document so as we go through the various renovation phases, the plan will accommodate each phase we are in at that time.  Additional evacuation signs are needed.  A variety of training will need to be conducted including CPR, First Aid and Compressed Air Training. 

SECURITY: Steve Roman and Bob Fritsche have walked through the facility to pinpoint the location of security cameras and access doorways.  The plan is 98% finalized.  The Contractor will send a finalized diagram to see that everything needed is there, and they will start to install part of the access system and security cameras.  Locations of the PSTN monitors and badge readers were also identified and noted on the floor diagram. 

PARKING:  Altered parking arrangements are being considered to reduce the congestion in the front of the building where the administration employees park.  The former carrier parking is being considered.   This will free space in front for visitors.  That has not been finalized.  

FINANCE:  We need to track the cost for Homeland Security.  Verizon was on site tagging phone lines.  They will also do this in the building.  Arnie DeBlank stated that the cost for the phone system will be  $400,000 and $100,000 for LAN components.  That will be put in to the DAR.  

DELIVERY & COLLECTION:  The real estate representatives are confident we are going to work out an agreement for the Carrier Annex.  The plan is to have the carriers remain in their present location. 

BULK MAIL:  The Bulk Mail Unit will need to discuss the Merlin issue with Jim Soo, Operations Support Specialist.  One hundred seventy-eight square feet is recommended for Merlin installation.  To enlarge the BMEU, space may be taken from CFS.  Regarding scales: The scale by Field Maintenance is working.  The scale on the platform will be evaluated.   The counter scales in the Acceptance Unit are gone.  

RETAIL:  The lobby is being redone including the floor.  New PO boxes will be ordered.  The retail equipment is being replaced.  It will all be new.  There were two vending machines in the lobby which are not salvageable.  Darleen Reid will make a contact and explain that this is an exception and we will need replacement vending machines.  It is a 24-hour lobby.     

ENTRY/EXIT MONITORING:  Bill Gilmartin is setting up a procedure to track everybody coming in and out of the facility.  Everyone must sign in and receive orientation.  When we progress with the restoration, there will be a barcode system to monitor people.  Clark will have a scanning process for their  employees coming and going.  

ORIENTATION:  Orientation will be scheduled six to eight weeks prior to moving back in.  Lynn Goldstein advised there was a timeline in Brentwood.  We will do the same.  Counseling will need to be done and training of the supervisors.  We will be working within the window from September to January, and we will also be maintaining a building so we need to be the least disruptive to the tours.  

COMMITTEES:  Every committee has to chart out every event that they are responsible for.  Vito, Bob and Joe should have access to the event planning chart.  The committees need to be given the format we plan to use for the lead times and if we start running behind on some of those, we have to be able to know them and try to adjust so we don’t push this out further than we have to as far as reopening the building.  Every committee has a major role.  

OFFICES:  There needs to be room for Personnel files.  The OPFs will be kept in the Personnel Office (former EEO Office), and the Postmaster will be in charge of them.  The plan is to put the Lektrievers in the larger office with a desk.  Personnel and Labor will be in the Administrative area.  The EAP office will remain where it was.  The scheme training office will change.  The kiosks in the swing room will need a LAN line.  

PROCUREMENT:  At a meeting with Grainger it was suggested to set up a meeting about a month prior to returning to the facility with vendors to see what is available to the postal service.  Some new items are more cost efficient. 

MACHINES:  The plan is that that one AFCS machine will go into the facility and it will be equipped with the BDS System. We will start canceling some mail and see how the BDS System reacts to being in the building, and fine tune if needed.  AFCSs will be moved from Kilmer one at a time to see how they work with the BDS.  One machine will be tested with the BDS to make sure it is not reacting to any dead spores.  It is said that the BDS cannot tell the difference from a dead spore and a live spore.  The Barney machine will be refurbished.  It was running during the fumigation.  

TILE FLOOR:  The floor will be encapsulated by installing asphalt plank flooring on top of it.  It is more cost effective and timely rather than lift up the whole floor and do an asbestos removal.  

LOCKERS:  There will be new lockers coming in.  They are full-length, half-width lockers. 

AIR DUCTS:  All of the air ducts were sampled and all came back negative.  There are no plans to remove and/or replace them.  Air testing will continue while they are working on the machines and continue through refurbishment. 

All functional areas are to get their office plans together by Friday, March 26.  Tom Szombaty will visit each area and make note of what needs to be replaced.  Arnie DeBlank will verify all computers and equipment that needs to be replaced.   

At the next meeting, we will have committees and basic tasks that the committees will complete or have begun, and then we can come up with the time lines.  

Vito said to the experts that went to the Brentwood briefing, we need to mirror or do better than Brentwood on the Human Resource issues.  They will be held accountable.  Vito stated that we must have a good timeline for what we need to do for our employees.  It is very important.  We will have another briefing in the Fall when a lot of employees will come to hear what the game plan is going to be.  We want to schedule training for a week after the employee briefing.  We need to watch timelines very closely.  



MARCH 22, 2004  

Steve Bahrle, Pres, Branch 308, NPMHU

Vito Cetta, District Manager, CNJD

Doreen Clark, Operation Support Specialist

Roger Danbury, Pres, NAPS

Arnie DeBlank, Manager, Information Systems

Arnie Endick, HR/WIA

Jose Fajardo, Contract Technician

Robert Fritsche, POAC Coordinator

William, Gilmartin, Manager, Safety, CNJD

Thomas Golden, Manager, Maintenance Operations

Lynn Goldstein, Manager, HR

Neil Kamichoff, Security Specialist

Regina Kellam, Contract Technician

Bill Lewis, Pres, Trenton APWU

Carol Minter, Supervisor, BMEU

Ralph Moccio, Manager, Marketing

Henry Moore, Manager, Dist Oper (T-3)

William Nealon, Postal Inspector

Kevin O’Neill, EAP

Eric Perrine, Oper Support Spec

Darlene Reid, Manager, Retail

Stephen Roman, Manager, Dist Oper (T-2)

Joseph Sautello, Postmaster Trenton

Wanda Scott, Purchasing Spec

Linda Thompson, Info System Coord

Robert Towler, Plant Mgr, Trenton

George Traynor, Manager, Transportation

Martin Trucker, HR Specialist

Robert Wszolek, Manager, BMEU, CNJD

Charles Johnson, Supervisor, MOWS

Adam Fascio, Supervisor, DTS

Tim O’Malley, NALC NBA

Mark Van Wagner, NALC Br. 380

Frank Carney, Mgr HR

Michele Jones, Mgr/ Pers Serv

George Flood, Communications Spec

Bob Lauer, VP APWU Trenton

Deborah McKenzie, Maintenance Purchasing Clerk



February 11, 2004

 Attendees:         Vito Cetta, District Manager

                        Joseph Sautello, Postmaster

                        Robert Towler, Plant Manager

     Robert Fritsche, Manager In-Plant Support

                        Tom Szombaty, Manager Field Maintenance

                        Robert Wszolek, Manager BMEU

                        Carol Minter, Supervisor, BMEU

                        Donald Teagle, Rural Carrier

                        Stephen Roman, Jr MDO Tour 2

                        Roger Danbury, President NAPS

                        Henry I Moore, MDO Tour 3

                        James Soo, OSS

                        Doreen Clark, OSS

                        Carlos Cruz, Manager Maintenance

                        Richard San Andreas, Human Resource Manager

                        Bill Gilmartin, Manager Safety, CNJ

                        Martin Trucker, Human Resource Specialist

                        Mary E Carey, Human Resource Safety Specialist

                        Bill Nealon, USPS Inspection Service

                        Arnie Endick, Human Resource WIA

                        Yvette Jackson, MDO Tour 1

                        Bob Lauer, Vice President Trenton APWU

                        Bill Lewis, President Trenton APWU

                        Kevin O’Neill, EAP Consultant Central NJ District

                        Adam Fasio, SCS MOWS Trenton

                        Charles Johnson , SCS, Downtown Trenton

                        Steve Bahrle, Branch President NPOMH

                        Steve Kubala, Acting /Area Manager, Trenton

                        Jose Fasareo, Kilmer Finance

                        Linda Thompson, Telecom Specialist CNJPC

                        Arnie DeBlank, Manager Info Systems, CNJPC


Sujbect:  Post Office Activation Committee Meeting         #1


The first Post Office Activation Committee Meeting was held on Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 10:30 am at the Hibernians Conference Room.  Vito Cetta opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their efforts for the past two years and urging everyone to remain positive in the coming months to get the building back up and ready to reopen.  He stressed that we need to do everything we are asked to do in the precise timelines suggested so that we do the best possible job in getting the building up and running with the least amount of problems.

The key to success of this endeavor is communication.  The MDOs must get the message down to the employees on the workfloor regarding reopening details.  Mandatory sensitivity training will be given to all management personnel to enable them to communicate with employees that have issues.   This training should be implemented approximately 12 weeks before opening. 

Present Status of P&DC

The plastic is being removed from the building and we are waiting for the Environmental Clearance Committee letter.  Upon receipt of letter, it will take four to six weeks for the contractor to dismantle the fumigation equipment.   The renovation and contractor schedule will then be set.  The next step will be to assess what needs to be done with the existing equipment.   We are on the same timeline as Brentwood, a year later, but we are hopeful that the experience gained from that facility and our experience in setting up Monroe will keep us on schedule. 

Planned Renovation Work

Building and Mail Processing renovations will be done separately but run concurrently.   The same general contractor at Brentwood, Clark Construction Company, will be overseeing the work.  Building renovations will include repaving of the parking lot,  new carpeting, ceiling tiles, painting of the building, new Post Office Boxes, new counters in MOWS, renovation of the restrooms and new wiring,  The Heating and AC systems and ductwork will be cleaned or replaced if needed.  Chillers on top of building need to be decrystallized.  Proposals for the tile floor are still being evaluated.  

Mail Processing Equipment Renovation/Replacement.   AFCSs #1, 2 and 3 have been cleaned, dismantled and destroyed as well as DBCSs #68, 70 and 71.  This equipment is being scrapped due to the extensive cleaning process performed on the machines that processed the anthrax letters.  

MTSC will evaluate each piece of the remaining equipment.  They will determine if additional machines will be scrapped if they perceive it will be too costly to repair them.  Unlike the move from So River to Monroe, we have assistance from Mr. Earl Jones of Headquarters in locating replacement equipment.   We also have assurance from Topeka that they will be fully stocked with equipment parts.  We plan to be fully set up for operations when we move back into the Trenton P&DC.  Spare parts that came from Topeka that were not needed at Brentwood may be utilized. 

Air System

There will be a comprehensive monitoring system in place from the time the first person enters the building and continuing indefinitely.  The air monitoring system will run 24 hours a day.  Log sheets will be kept to monitor all those who enter and leave the building.  If the air monitoring system detects a positive hit, the log sheets will be used to identify those who were in the building.  These people would then be notified of the occurrence and be advised to seek medical assistance if they began to feel ill.  No positive hits have been recorded in Brentwood since they have received their clearance authorization.   

All PO boxes will be replaced; however, customers will retain the same PO Box numbers.  The lobby will have new counters.  The city and rural carriers will remain at their present location at the Annex.  The new owner of the Annex parking lot has verbally agreed to a lease and we believe the lease for the Annex will be signed soon.  The tentative plan is to have the LIPS machine in the space that was formerly used by the carrier section in the building.      

The various sub-committees that will be needed were discussed.  Names will be assigned to the committees in the coming weeks.  The In-Plant Support members will be involved in all committees.  Jim Soo is in charge of floor and auto cad diagrams.  George Traynor will be in charge of Transportation operations, Carlos Cruz, Tom Szombaty and Tom Golden will handle various Maintenance activities.  Steve Roman will be in charge of Security.  All anthrax related expenses will continue to be segregated and charged to the Homeland Security Account.                                                                                              

Bob Fritsche will e-mail everyone 6 pages of consolidated information from Handbook AS 501, Postal Facility Activation, that list the various tasks required to open a new facility.  The categories may change, since the information was written twenty years ago, but it will give everyone an idea of the work to be accomplished.   

The question was raised regarding new lockers.  Maintenance stated that they will be evaluated whether to repair or replace.  However, Kevin O’Neill, EAP consultant who visited Brentwood,  stated that this was a major concern for the employees returning to the Curseen/Morris Facility.  He suggested that new lockers be ordered.  Local management will discuss the locker replacement issue with Headquarters’ officials during the next scheduled telecon on February 11, 2004.    

Possibly a town meeting and mail-out will be made to inform the local population of the opening of the Hamilton facility.  Once building access is granted and assessments are made of what is needed, we can establish a timetable for what everyone has to do to make this move a smooth transition.   

Bob Fritsche will e-mail all concerned regarding the date of the next POAC meeting which for the immediate time frame will be monthly.  Closer to the re-opening, the meetings will be held more frequently.   

  After a brief question and answer period, the meeting was adjourned. 


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