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 APRIL 10, 2002

Building Status

·         The new building we are considering is located at 32 Commerce Court, South Brunswick, NJ.  It is off Exit 8A of the NJ Turnpike and within 2 miles of the other building we were considering.  The building is about 10 years old, approximately 160,000 square feet and has the needed power requirements.  It contains some office furniture, has offices, 2 cafeterias and a trash compactor.  We would have to add air conditioning to the building.

·         The lessor’s contractor would install a compressor line and they would be responsible for sealing the floors.  Once the lease is signed and the floors sealed the South River operation would be moved into the building first. 

·         The design for the building should take about two weeks and then Bob Buongiovanni would take care of contacting contractors to bid on building upgrades.  Bob will also be responsible for fabricating a larger Registry Cage (20 x 40).  Three safes have already been secured for it – two will be placed in the Registry.

·         The building has 30 bays but 10 won’t be used. 

·         After the lease is signed, it should take about 4 weeks to get the building ready for occupancy.

Machine Installation 

·         We are still getting 7 DBCS Machines from Ohio.  Two of the DBCSs from Ohio will be installed in Kilmer.

·         The FSM 881 we got from South Jersey is in a trailer in Trenton; we haven’t yet taken possession of the one we’re going to get from Kilmer.

·         The SPBS from NJI/BMC is being taken apart today and will be stored today in 8 or 9 trailers in the parking lot of the Trenton P & DC until needed. 

·         The manufacturer will install the LIPS machine; target date is still 5/20/02.

·         We will still need 2 MPBCSs  - 1 is in storage at JAF and we are getting 1 from DVD.

·         Our installation schedule is dependent on when the lease is signed.

Committee Reports

·         Move Committee - Lou DeMeo reported that Jim Soo has laid out the drawings for the new building.  He reminded the MDOs to review the drawings and okay them.  He also wants them to submit to him all requests for signs so they can be made prior to the move.  The move will probably start on a Saturday morning and T-2 personnel, Maintenance personnel, and EAS personnel will assist with the move.

·         Furniture – Although Eric wasn’t present, he has been working on obtaining furniture requests from all concerned.  Since the building contains some furniture, we will probably not need to purchase as much.   Regina Kellam stated that we also have some furniture in trailers that we got from the MDC when it closed.   Eric will also look into that to see what’s available.  In addition, we may need some chairs for the 881 we got from South Jersey.

·         Communications - Arnie DeBlank stated that the building is well wired.  They are working with the prior customer to learn how to use the telephone system that’s in place in the building. 

·         Transportation - George Traynor will work on the Transportation items outlined on the spreadsheet.  He will also work with the DNO on routing issues.  There is no trailer parking at this location.  George will visit the area to see if there’s space nearby that can be leased to accommodate our needs.

·         MDOs – Unions - They are still working on details regarding movement of people with operations.  Vito urged them to put some preliminary guidelines down on paper.  Tours may have to be adjusted to minimize overlaps and possible parking problems. 

·         Maintenance - Tom Szombaty has secured vending equipment and a vendor for this service.  The VAX has not yet been secured from Detroit.  Tom Golden will look into this.  We will still need the same number of TACS computers as we did for the other building. The power equipment in the Trenton P & DC has not yet been released.  We should have the report from IT in the next couple of days.  Strapping machines have been ordered and gel batteries will be ordered once the forklifts have been released. 

·         In-Plant Support - Jim Rosciano reported that the Operating Plan is 80% completed and the Distribution Plan for letters and SPRs is 75% completed.  They should both be completed within the next week.  The volume that we are currently processing in other Plants must be incorporated into both plans.

·         Doreen Clark reported that label stock has been ordered for the Passport System.  We need a printer for that system and she has asked Camille Gaines to look into that.  We will also need a stand-alone computer for the Passport System.  Our placards will read – Trenton Distribution Center 08650.  Doreen will give Lou a list of the needed placards.

·         Finance - Ed Imperiale reported that Finance will continue to hold the signed 7381s until the lease is signed.

·         Inspection Service - Inspector Kamichoff wasn’t present and hasn’t seen the new building but he discussed his office needs with Bob Fritsche.

 ·         Employee Briefing Bulletins - As soon as the lease is signed, Barbara Hairston will  issue Employee Briefing Bulletins.

·         Miscellaneous - Bob Fritsche reminded everyone to review the spreadsheets, identify and complete their assigned tasks and notify him if you have questions.

 The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17th at 10:30 AM.

 Robert Fritsche

Project Manager

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