Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union








APRIL 17, 2002


I.                     Current Status


Bob Buongiovanni reported that lease negotiations are continuing.  Greg Lackey is negotiating for such items as the furniture, cubicles, mezzanine, storage shelves, phone system, etc. that are still in the building.


II.            Contractor Schedule Update


The architect should be able to finalize the design (building modifications) by 4/24/02.  Bob Buongiovanni plans to conduct a “walk through” meeting with contractors during the week of 4/22/02 and anticipates awarding a contract for the building modifications by 5/1/02.  If all goes as planned, some operations may be phased in as early as the week of 5/6/02.  Bob requested a list of dates showing the planned installation date of each piece of automation/mechanization.  Bob Fritsche will provide the list prior to the contractor “walk through” meeting. 


III. Machine Installation


Two DBCSs from Columbus, OH have arrived in Kilmer.  Jim Costello plans to begin installation on 4/18/02 and expects the machine to be completed by the middle of next week.  Installation of the second machine may take longer since another transformer and related electrical work is required.


One FSM 881 from South Jersey remains in trailer storage at Trenton.  Trenton’s Maintenance Department disassembled one of Kilmer’s FSM 881s this week and placed it on trailers until

it can be installed in the new facility.


The SPBS remains in trailer storage at Trenton


The LIPS machine is still scheduled for installation by the manufacturer on 5/20/02.


One MPBCS (for Kilmer) is being held at DVD; other BCSs remain in storage at JAF.


The Area Office is looking for an MLOCR for the new facility.


IV.       Progress Reports from Committees

             Actual Move Committee – L. DeMeo reported that he is ready – just needs a move date. Furniture – J. Soo reported that he made up a tentative list of required office furniture. 

Final list will depend on negotiations with Lessor on existing furniture in building.

Transportation – G. Traynor will evaluate need for bay signage to designate mail staging areas by HCRs.

Communications – A. DeBlank reported that LAN should be available by 5/1/02.  Also requested the number of computers that will be needed in the new facility.  Bob Fritsche will supply the number.  Bob will also follow up on the status of NDSS and the MODS server with the Area Office.  It appears that previous tenant has removed the phone switch.  L. Thompson will make arrangements to install an alternate phone system.


  MDOs – Unions – Nothing new to report since last week’s meeting.  Meetings to be held

                 to discuss Trenton Tour 3 employees working at Kilmer.


Maintenance – FSM 881 has been removed from Kilmer’s workfloor and stored in trailers. G. Traynor to supply T. Szombaty and B. Fritsche with trailer numbers.


In-Plant Support – C. Gaines reported that Monmouth has a Monarch label printer for              Trenton.  D. Clark will arrange for pick up when needed.


Finance – E. Imperiale reported that M. Jones will hold the 7381s for the new facility until the lease is signed.


Inspection Service – N. Kamichoff was not present but has been in contact with B.

Buongiovanni and the architect concerning Inspection Service requirements in the new facility.


Employee Briefings – Briefing sheets will be prepared and disseminated as soon as    the lease is signed


V.          Miscellaneous


              S. Bahrle raised a question concerning air conditioning at South River.  Bob Buongiovanni stated that he expected to receive a price quote on A/C from a contractor next week.  If he receives the necessary approvals, he estimated that he could probably have an A/C system installed within the next few weeks.  Bill Lewis also reported that he requested management at South River to adjust fans at South River; management was less than cooperative with his request.


              The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 24th at 1:00 PM.