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April 3, 2002


Building Status 

·         Informed today by our Real Estate person that the owners would not sign the lease for the interim facility we were considering in Cranbury because of their concerns about possible contamination such as we experienced at the Trenton P & DC. 

·        We were, however, offered two alternative sites in the same complex in the Cranbury Industrial Park.   

·         One of the sites is Building 8 which would require more postalization than the former building we were considering leasing.  This building is narrower than the former building and the power needs of this building are not sufficient to support an air conditioning unit.   We would not be able to start renovating this building until April 28, 2002. 

·         The other site is the Keystone Building, which is considerably larger – 500,000 square feet and the power in the building is adequate for our needs. 

·         Both of these sites were visited in the past and will be revisited today to make a determination on which would best suit our needs. 


·         We are scheduled to get seven (7) DBCS machines from Ohio.  It was decided that we should not take delivery of the machines until we have a signed lease. 

·         FSM 881s – we have secured the one from Mount Holly, NJ and will get one from Kilmer.  We also need two (2) more.   

·         AFSM 100 – we will get one machine from Chicago. 

·         Any equipment that we acquire or that is already in our possession will be stored in trailers in the parking lot at the Trenton P & DC. 

·        Any equipment moves should be coordinated with Frank Bongiovanni since there may be equipment in the NY Metro Area that we can utilize. 

·         Forklifts, etc. that are in the Trenton P & DC should be released by IT today.   Tom Szombaty will order the gel batteries necessary for the forklifts.  No additional purchase or leasing of this type of equipment should be necessary. 

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, April 10, 2002 at 1 PM in the District Manager’s Conference Room. 

Robert Fritsche

Project Manager