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  MARCH 19, 2002

Building Status

·         The lease has not yet been signed.  We should know officially in the next 48 hours. 

Phase 1               

·         Lighting will be installed within two weeks of lease signing.

·         The electrical drops will be installed as well as the power for the two belts.

·         Our employees will not be allowed in the building until this phase is completed. 

Phase 2

·         The building has heat but no air conditioning.  Two chiller units will be leased that will include an air handler that will provide temporary cooling throughout the building for machines and employees. 

·         Presently there are two heating units in the building, another one million BTU one will be added.

·         Water coolers will be installed – we will use bottled water coolers from South River until that time. 

Maintenance Issues

·         We will store the DBCSs, (3) FSM 881s, and SPBS after the contractor completes lighting.

·         The manufacturer will install the LIPS machine.

·         Consideration will be given to relocate an AFSM 100 from West Jersey to Kilmer. 

Personnel Issues 

·         The people will follow the mail and be assigned to the Cranbury Distribution Facility by seniority on each tour.  MDOs will work with APWU & NPMHU representatives to ensure that this is done properly and employees notified. 

Administrative Personnel

·         Office space will be assigned by department.  The Inspection Service, APWU and NPMHU will also have offices.  APWU and NPMHU representatives will let Eric Perrine know their needs and he will order the necessary equipment.

·         There is some additional cubical space available in the middle of the administrative area.  We may be able to add 8 – 10 extra cubicles.

·         IS will work with Eric in setting up phone and computer lines. 

Move Committee 

·         Member of this committee are: 

·         Lou DeMeo – Head

·         Jim Soo – OSS, Trenton

·         Tom Szombaty – Mgr., Maint. (A) Trenton

·         George Traynor – Mgr., Transportation (A) Trenton 

·         They will work to determine move date, set up requirements for trailers and equipment such as U-carts, trays, tubs, APCs, hampers, skids, skatewheel conveyors, strapping machines, etc. 

·         They will also ensure that there is no interruption of service when we move operations from South River to the Cranbury Distribution Center. 

Information Systems

·         It was determined that four additional timeclocks will be needed.  Arnie will take care of that issue.

·         IS personnel need to know the number of desks in Administrative Offices so they can install additional phone lines if necessary. 

·         Transportation

·         Members of this committee are: 

·         Dave Parkerson, Transportation

·         George Traynor, Transportation 

·         They will assign specific trips to specific bay doors.  We have 13 bays on one side and 5 on the other.

·         Since there is no platform in this building, they will develop signage plan for dispatch areas near the bay doors.

·         They will notify the DNO so that proper notification can be made to other Plants on proper mail preparation/dispatch.

·         Since the West Dock at the Trenton P & DC will be phased out, they will develop plans for Cranbury to handle the collection mail that is currently being worked there.  The collection mail will be processed at the Kilmer P & DC since the Cranbury Facility will not have a 010 Operation.


·         Committee Head – Tom Szombaty, Mgr., Maintenance (A) Trenton. 

·         Tom is responsible for:  

·         Striping out aisles to ensure that mail processing operations are contained in a specific area as well as keeping areas clear while machinery is being installed so employees are injured.

·         The contract for trash removal (currently with Waste Management) is in place for this building.

·         Making sure a flag is displayed at the building.

·         Addressing safety issues such as First Aid Kits, eyewash stations, and receptacles for cigarettes.  

·         Working with the Commission for the Blind to provide vending machine service.

·         Working with Safety regarding the Evacuation Plan.  

·         Ordering new fork lifts with gel batteries in case the fork lifts in the Trenton P & DC aren’t released before our move date.  We have no schedule from IT when they will be cleaned.  

·         Tom with work with Lou DeMeo, Dave Parkerson, and George Traynor to determine if we can get any additional equipment from other facilities or T20.

In-Plant Support

·         Committee Head – Doreen Clark, OSS, Trenton

·         Doreen is responsible for:

·         Working with Lou DeMeo to change placard wording to reflect our new building.

·         Working with Regina Kellam to order blank label stock for label printers.

·         Ensuring that label printers and sortplans are available as soon as machines are installed.

·         Working with Tom Szombaty regarding other equipment needed to support the machines.  (We may be able to use some equipment from Trenton P &DC once IT has cleaned and released it.)

·         It has been determined that no additional manual cases are needed since cases will be removed from South River and moved to the Cranbury Facility.

District Finance Office 

·         Ed Imperiale will expedite the processing of PS 7381s under Homeland Security Finance Numbers.

·         Ed is also concerned about the cost of leasing forklifts, etc. instead of buying them.  He will do an analysis of the costs involved. 

Inspection Service

·         New photo identification badges will be made available for all employees.

·         A registry security cage measuring 20 x 20 will be installed.  The registered mail pieces will come into Cranbury at night and be picked up by armored car dispatch in the morning.

·         A CCT TV System will be installed in the MDOs’ Office.  It is a portable, movable system that can be removed from the building when we leave.

Miscellaneous Issues 

·         Tom Szombaty will work with Regina Kellam in ordering of lunchroom furniture.  We will have three microwave ovens and move TV and water coolers from the South River Facility to the Cranbury Facility.

·         Eric Perrine will take care of obtaining the furniture for the administrative offices and workroom floor.  We will need a fax machine, a PA system, and a telephone for the hearing impaired.

·         At the present time, the number of computers we will need is unknown.  Eric will work on getting this number.

·         Either Bob Towler or Bob Fritsche will contact the bus company to work out our new schedule.

·         The District Manager will send out a letter to Union Officials as soon as the lease is signed.  The first information briefing sheet, based on that information, will be posted within 24 hours of the lease being signed.  Information briefing sheets will then be posted for those employees working in Kilmer, Toms River, and the South River Facility twice a week.  The unions will be kept abreast of new developments.

·         There will be no T-3 outgoing distribution operation (except SPBS) in the Cranbury Facility.  All other outgoing mail will be processed in Kilmer, which is closer to Cranbury than to the Monmouth P & DC.

·         Some Trenton T-3 people who work in Kilmer may be reassigned to the new building. 

Union Issues

·         Steve Bahrle, NPMHU Representative, asked for an Action Plan from the MDOs regarding what employees go where.

·         MDOs will sit down with representatives from APWU and NPMHU to discuss deployment of people.  It was suggested that each MDO obtain a Seniority List to make it easier to identify people with positions. 

The next meeting is scheduled for April 3, 2002 at 10 AM in the District Manager’s Conference Room.  At that time, copies of all signed PS 7381s should be made available for review and MDOs should present their plans for moving employees with the mail. 

Robert Fritsche, Acting Plant Manager

Trenton P & DC