Trenton Metro Area Local

Regional Instruction 399

Bill Lewis, President



Updated Regional Instructions 399 Q&As  8-10-18

Updated Regional Instruction 399 Procedures 6-26-18


To all RDRC and LDRC members:

The NDRC is currently meeting regarding implementation of the 2018 Update MOU on the RI-399 Dispute Resolution Process. At this time, the NDRC recommends that the RDRCs and LDRCs begin working on the following:

1. Case Review: Local and Regional review of cases per paragraph #1 of the 6/26/18 MOU on “Update of Regional Instruction (RI) 399 Procedures. ”Paragraph #1 reads as follows:

“Within ninety (90) calendar days of the signing date of this Update MOU, the parties shall mutually identify and remove from all Local, Regional, and National Dispute Resolution Committees all disputes, grievances, or arbitrations currently pending in the RI-399 process that present or arguable present contractual issues other than jurisdictional issues or Article 7.2 (cross-craft) issues. These contractual issues other than jurisdictional issues shall be remanded to the step in the Article 15 process of the grieving Union from which it was referred. Any jurisdictional or cross-craft issues in these disputes or arbitrations shall be subject to resolution or withdrawal under this Update MOU, but any such resolution or withdrawal shall not prevent the grieving Union from processing the other contractual issues under Article 15.”

LDRCs and RDRCs should begin gathering grievance files and meeting on the grievances that have been filed in or referred to the RI-399 DRP prior to September 1, 2017 to identify cases, if any, that include contractual issues other than jurisdictional issues or Article 7.2 (cross-craft) issues. If such issues are identified, the grievance should be remanded to the Article 15 process.

The 90-day period and review process should be completed by 9/26/18.


2. Paragraph 13 of the Update MOU, establishes dates and times when the committees shall meet.

It is recommended that the first meeting be held on August 29, 2018.


3. Revised Local Inventories – Paragraph 10.d of the UpdateMOU:

The NDRC is presently developing instructions to the field regarding completion of the updated local inventories, including updated inventory forms and deadline completion. The instructions will be provided in the near future.



RI 399 MOU Dispute Resolution Procedures 4-16-92

RI 399 Q&A 10-21-92