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Bill Lewis, President








RE:  Reassignments Trenton Facility 

The parties agree to the following on a one-time basis to accommodate employees who do not wish to return to the Trenton facility. 

Employees holding a duty assignment in or assigned to the Trenton facility will be given one opportunity to indicate that they do not wish to return to that facility. 

Voluntary reassignments will be made as follows: 

  1. In the clerk craft, seniority and status shall be handled as if reassigned in accordance with Article 12.  (Clerk craft employees will retain seniority and status.)
  2. In the maintenance craft, employees will retain their status (full-time/part-time) but begin a new period of installation seniority.
  3. In the motor vehicle craft, employees will retain their status (full-time/part-time) but begin a new period of seniority.

Reassignments will be made to either existing residual duty assignments which were not filled through bid in the gaining installation, or residual duty assignments resulting from the posting of additional duty assignments created for the sole purpose of accommodating reassignment requests under this MOU.  No conversions will result from this creation of duty assignments, and assignments created to accommodate these employees may be reverted if not filled by a reassigned employee.  All employees must meet the minimum qualifications of the position to which they seek to be reassigned, and also (in the clerk craft) must quality on any additional requirements of the duty assignment (i.e., schemes, skills). 

The USPS will not be required to pay relocation benefits for any employee who is reassigned under this MOU.  There shall be no retreat rights. 

Nothing in this MOU requires the USPS to create additional vacancies for purposes of placing employees. 

The Area/Regional parties, along with national parties as designated, shall meet to determine the methods for implementing the above agreement. 

All reassignments to be made under this MOU shall be within the immediate metropolitan area (i.e., beginning with Central New Jersey District and if necessary expanding to other districts within the New York Metro area.) 

This Memorandum of Understanding does not set a precedent for any purpose, and may be cited in this and other forums only to enforce its terms. 

Doug A. Tulino                                                 William Burrus

Manager                                                           President

Labor Relations Policies and Programs                American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

U.S. Postal Service                                         

 Date:  3/9/05

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