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Press Release; 2/9/04
Trenton Metro Area Local Update
Release: Immediately


The Union is notified that the Hamilton, NJ Postal Facility is deemed safe

The Trenton Metro Area Local was advised today that the fumigation of the Trenton P&DC, located in Hamilton, NJ, was deemed successful.   All test results were negative for any signs of anthrax.   The Postal Service has ensured Bill Lewis, President of the Trenton Metro Area Local, APWU, that they will reopen the Hamilton facility
with the same jobs and capacity as it had when closed so we can continue to provide top-level service to area residents and businesses."

 “This is the first good news in 2 yrs, 3 months and 21 days for the Hamilton Postal Workers; I would say it is a very exciting day and a major step forward to our eventual return to the Trenton Mail Processing Center,” said Bill Lewis.    “This will certainly be welcomed news to the members of the local APWU, who have grown tired of the long commutes and the lost family time.”

We thank Postal Management for their commitment to decontaminating our mail processing facility and restoring full operations.

We are grateful to our elected lawmakers who have been there throughout the whole ordeal; especially Congressman Christopher Smith, Hamilton Township Mayor Glen Gilmore and US Senator, Jon Corzine.

The union will work closely with postal management over the next few months in the planning and return to full mail processing operations in the Trenton P&DC. There will be no disruption in the service to our customers as we transfer operations from our interim Monroe facility. We expect this transfer to be completed by early 2005.


For additional details contact:
Bill Lewis, President
E-mail: Bill Lewis TMAL@aol.com
Web Site: TrentonMetroAreaLocal.com