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(The following employee talk must be given to all Trenton P&DC employees by April 10, 2003.)

 The Postal Service is preparing to transport equipment from Washington, DC to Hamilton Township to start setting up for the decontamination of the Trenton P&DC.  That equipment is expected to start arriving in early May. 

We will benefit from the fact that the same proven process and skilled team that successfully fumigated the Brentwood facility will be used in the Trenton plant.  The same firms that conducted the decontamination there have been contracted to perform the work at the Hamilton Township site. 

Following the fumigation, extensive environmental testing will be done to ensure the building is completely safe before anyone is allowed to reenter it.  Our key focus throughout this process will be on doing the job right.  That means we are interested in the quality, not the speed of the project. Our highest priority is to eliminate any possible threat to the health of our employees, our community and our customers. 

On April 10, the Postal Service will be briefing Members of Congress, state and local officials, and union and management association leadership on the decontamination process.  The Postal Service will also hold a press conference, and conduct a community town-hall meeting for businesses and residents in the area surrounding the Trenton P&DC. 

A primary aspect of this project is to make sure you, our employees, have the latest information on any and all developments.  We want you to hear the news from the Postal Service first.  In that effort, we will have ongoing employee briefings, issue weekly Newsbreaks, and send bi-weekly letters to affected your homes.  We will also post these materials on bulletin boards. 

The Postal Service is in the process of setting up a toll-free number for employees to call with any additional questions that they have concerning the decontamination.  That number will be issued and posted as soon as it is set up. 

In addition, the Postal Service will be posting regular informational updates on  Both the public and employees will be able to access that website under the topic of “Mail Security.” 

Our District Manager Vito Cetta asked that I extend to you his sincere appreciation for the patience and understanding you have shown over the past year-and-a-half.  He also wants to stress that the health and well-being of our employees is his top priority in this entire process. 

Thank you.