Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union





 WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 2002


I.     Current Status

 Joe Sautello reported several new developments in the status of the lease for the AT&T building located at 32 Commerce Court in Cranbury.  On Tuesday, May 28, a letter was received outlining the reasons why AT&T did not want the USPS as a tenant.   Later that day, AT&T contacted the USPS and expressed a desire to set up a meeting to discuss the concerns listed in their letter.  A final decision on this building should be forthcoming by Friday, June 7, 2002.

Joe Sautello also advised that the Real Estate Department is investigating the feasibility of another building in case the AT&T discussions fall through.  This building is located at 24 Englehard Drive in Monroe Township, approximately two miles north of the NJ Turnpike Exit 8A interchange.  The building has 30 truck bays, parking for 175 cars and approximately 230,000 square feet available.  Required modifications will include rest room facilities, lunch and locker rooms, upgraded lighting and administrative office space partitions.  The architect will visit this facility to develop an estimate of the cost to “postalize” the building.  Jim Soo will complete a preliminary floor plan layout of the workroom floor as soon as he receives a copy of the autocad drawing from the architect.  It is anticipated that the architect and Jim will have most of this information available by Friday, June 7.

II.      Machine Installation

Bob Fritsche reported that a DBCS from Columbus, OH was delivered to the South River MDC on Thursday, May 23.  This machine is currently being stored on a trailer staged in the yard at the Trenton P&DC.   Columbus has two remaining DBCSs for Trenton.  One is scheduled to arrive this week; the last machine is scheduled to arrive during the week of June 3rd.

Bob Fritsche also reported that there is a good chance that Trenton will be able to obtain an MLOCR (from Queens P&DC) and an FSM 1000 (from Columbus, OH).  Tom Szombaty will coordinate the relocation of the MLOCR with the Maintenance Manager in Queens.  Bob Fritsche will confirm the shipping date of the FSM 1000 through the NY Metro Area Office.

III.                 Miscellaneous

Joe Sautello reported that he has been in contact with Bob Buongiovanni concerning the installation of air conditioning in the South River MDC.  Funding approvals should be completed by the end of this week.  Partitioning the USPS area from the Aeropostale area using plastic panels will not be completed at this time.  This will be delayed until our lease status on the other buildings is clear.  However, the A/C units will be installed as planned.  Installation is expected by June 14.

Joe Sautello reported on the status of the air conditioning installation in the Carrier Annex.  There has been a delay due to the lessor’s lawyer taking longer than expected to review the contract.  The document is now signed and on its way back to the Real Estate Department.  Installation of this system is also expected to be completed by June 14.

Bob Fritsche will contact Joe Krattinger to set up an appointment to evaluate the excess furniture at the Kearny REC.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 7 at 9:00 AM. 

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