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I.                     Current Status

Vito Cetta reported that lease negotiations on the Matrix building are still progressing in order to wrap up a few remaining items.  Bob Buongiovanni reported that an agreement has been reached with the lessor’s contractor on the work needed to “postalize” the building.  The contractor is ready to begin as soon as the lease is finalized.

II.                   Machine Installation

Bob Fritsche reported that all available machinery is either stored in trailers or is readily available in specific facilities (for instance, MLOCR in Queens P&DC).   Regina Kellam has been following up on the procurement of the new NDSS system.  She reported that she has been in contact with Compaq and that the NDSS may be shipped this week.  Tom Szombaty reported that the PICS computer has been received.

Phase I will include the relocation of South River’s operations into the new facility.  The overhead lighting will be upgraded and bathrooms will be installed before employees are moved into the building.  The temporary A/C units at South River will be relocated to the Matrix building.  If the lease is signed this week, South River’s operations can probably be moved into the building on Labor Day weekend.

The only remaining unresolved item for Phase I is the telecommunication issue.  A separate meeting will take place immediately after the POAC meeting to discuss how the building will be wired for the security system, automation equipment and telephones.  Bob Fritsche, Tom Szombaty, Tom Golden, Neil Kamichoff, Rocco Compitello, Arnie DeBlank, Linda Thompson, Yong Chyun, Bob Buongiovanni, and a telecommunications contractor will attend the meeting.

III.                 Miscellaneous

Steve Bahrle reported that Aeropostale has added a number of new employees in the South River facility.  The increased number of people in the building is causing apparent overloading of the bathroom facilities.  Steve also reported Aeropostale personnel are driving motorized equipment through postal areas at high rates of speed.  Bill Lewis reported that Aeropostale personnel are walking/driving through postal areas on Tour 1.  Vito Cetta requested South River managers to post signs on the rest rooms to designate postal vs. Aeropostale bathrooms and asked Inspector Kamichoff for assistance in keeping Aeropostale employees out of postal areas.  Neil will set up some spot visits to verify the problem.

Doreen Clark asked if the A/C units from South River will adequately cool the new building.  Bob Buongiovanni said the units would be sufficient for the remainder of this cooling season (Sept – Oct) but  if we remain in the new building through next summer, additional cooling may be required.

A cc:Mail message will be sent out to announce the date/time of the next meeting.

Bob Fritsche

POAC Coordinator

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