Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union





 WEDNESDAY, August 7, 2002



Current Status

We have a signed lease on the building located at 24 Engelhard Drive, Monroe, NJ  08831-9996.  The building’s name will be The Trenton Distribution Center.  The lessor’s contractor needs six weeks to perform construction on the building that includes overhead lighting and power drops before we can begin postal operations in the building.  Tentative plans are for us to move into the building Columbus Day Weekend.  South River personnel will be moved in first and then employees from the West Dock at the Trenton P & DC shortly thereafter.  Bob Buongiovanni, Tom Szombaty, Tom Golden, Steve Roman and Bob Fritsche will meet with the lessor on Monday, August 12 to discuss construction and phase-in issues.

Machine Installation

 Our plans are to follow behind the lessor in terms of machine installation. 

·         The SPBS will be installed first.

·         The LIPS machine will be next.

·         (3) 881s will be installed.  One machine may come from either Kilmer’s workroom floor or Monmouth’s storage in addition to the 2 we already have in storage.

·         (2)  MPBCs will follow – 1 stored in a trailer at the Trenton P & DC and 1 from JAF.

·         (1) MLOCR from Queens P & DC.

·         (11) DBCSs will be installed.  These machines are currently installed and operating in DVD, Kilmer, Princeton and the Trenton Carrier Annex.  We have not yet finalized the order in which these DBCSs will be phased into the Trenton Distribution Center.

Committee Reports

 ·         Move Committee --- Bob Fritsche tasked Lou DeMeo with ensuring that South River operations will be turned off at the end of one tour and turned on, without a disruption of service, for the next tour in the new facility.

·         Furniture --- Tom Golden has been in contact with Maintenance personnel in Raleigh, NC to see if we can get cubicles, etc. from one of their closed offices.  No decision has been made yet as to whether or not we will move the furniture ourselves or hire contractors.

·         Transportation --- We may have to use Kilmer’s parking lot as storage for some of our vehicles (we may need to store them for 2 – 3 months).  We will also have to move all the equipment from the Trenton P & DC lot when the building is gassed.  Joe Sautello suggested using the lot next to the Trenton P & DC for our Transportation vehicles.  George Traynor estimated that 40-50 parking spaces would be required to accommodate the tractors and straight trucks in the MVS fleet.  Joe suggested paving the lot and opening up the curb on 130 so our vehicles would have easy access to and from 130 and he will speak to Hamilton Township officials about this option and also the possibility of utilizing the traffic light at this opening.

·         Communications --- Our maintenance personnel will pick up the PBX equipment from MA.

·         Maintenance --- We will use our employees, and possibly employees from other sites, to install mail processing equipment in the interim building.

·         Finance --- Margaret Jones requested an estimate of capital and expense spending so she can ask for all necessary monies at one time.  She also wants to review all 7381s.  Maintenance will provide Margaret with a list of all “must have” items by Tuesday, August 13th.

·         Inspection Service --- Neil Kamichoff informed us that, in addition to employees having their current ID badges, they will also have access badges to use in the new system.

·         Unions --- Joe Sautello informed APWU and NPMH representatives that they would be able to tour the new building with Steve Roman on Thursday, August 8th.  APWU reps chose not to go at this time but NPMH reps will tour the building. 

Steve Bahrle questioned the Columbus Day Weekend move date because it was his understanding that USPS personnel would have to be out of South River by October 1st.  Vito Cetta informed him that he is working with Headquarters people to get the October 1st date changed and that employees will be notified of the South River move date sometime next week.

Steve also brought up the issue of storage space for MTE equipment in the new building.  Vito stated that, since the building is smaller than the South River facility, we would not be able to store as much equipment as we had in Trenton but that enough will be on hand to meet our needs.  He further stated that we must aggressively process the MTE and return empty equipment to other sites.

·         Human Resources --- Joe Sautello asked Michele Jones about the needs of her department in terms of space in the new building for personnel and the OPFs.  He suggested that Michele might want to consider moving her person to Kilmer and letting the OPFs stay in their present location until we are back in our building.

·         Trenton P&DC Issues --- Joe Sautello wants to move the administrative trailers currently in the VMF lot to the nine acres we own near the building.  Rich Orlusky didn’t feel this was a good idea and would be more comfortable with all trailers moved off the grounds.  Joe further stated that there is no room for those trailers in the Carrier Annex lot.  Diane Todd, Communications Mgr., will be back in our area during the gassing procedure and will have a trailer across the street from the Trenton P&DC for her activities.  Joe also proposed that we run electricity from the street to provide power for the administrative trailers; Tom Szombaty is already looking into that.  Joe also has Greg Lackey looking for space for our MOWS and Box Trailers.

·         Information Systems --- Bob Fritsche will get back to Arnie DeBlank and let him know when IS can get into the building to run the communications lines.  All computer locations and TACS computer locations have been identified but a computer room needs to be built in the building.  An intercom system will be set up in the building but IS has not yet identified the type of system.

·         In-Plant Support --- Doreen Clark inquired about racks for the SPBS operation in the new facility.  The racks for the SPBS are stored on trailers and will be set up in the new building prior to the move.  Separate meetings will be held to discuss sort program phase-ins.

 We have no results of the gassing of the Brentwood Facility; however, preliminary results showed that everything went well.

 The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, August 14th at 9 AM.

Robert T. Fritsche

POAC Coordinator