Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union





 WEDNESDAY, August 21, 2002



Current Status

The construction on the new building at 24 Engelhard Drive, Monroe, NJ 08831-9996 started Monday, August 19, 2002.  One side of the sheetrock walls is up and the telephone room is in place. We can move the PBX into it on Friday, August 23, 2002.

The contractor can finish the overhead electrical work in the first half of the building in about 4 weeks and our tentative move in date for the South River people is September 21, 2002.  (This is an aggressive move-in date; Columbus Day weekend is probably more realistic if there are any construction delays).  We are still waiting for the electrician to give us his schedule so we can plan the move-in of our equipment.  We should have his schedule by the end of this week.

The restrooms are presently under construction and the contractor has begun the plumbing work.  Bill Lewis raised a question concerning the number of restrooms.   There will be two restrooms located at one end of the building.

Machine Installation

The schedule remains the same as reported in the minutes of the last meeting.  Earlier today, Bob Fritsche met with two representatives from the NY Metro Area at the Monroe facility (Pete Baylis, In-Plant Support and Gerry Silberlight, Finance).   Pete and Gerry toured the new facility and asked if any additional equipment was required for the building.  Bob Fritsche inquired about an AFSM 100 and the possibility of replacing the Phase I DBCSs with newer generation machines.   Pete said that there are no AFSM 100s or DBCSs available  but that it might be possible to swap DBCSs with another facility.

Committee Reports

Furniture --- We received two estimates from Allsteel.  One was for $43,000 for all new basic cubicle furniture (in an “L” configuration) and the second was for $15,000 that covered a more basic type of cubicle (straight line configuration).  Tom Golden visited Raleigh, NC to look at furniture from a closed IS Office to see if it would fit our needs.  Tom reported that IS has more than 50 cubicles, etc. and computers for those cubicles.  These computers would run on our LAN system.   Tom is working on an estimate on how much it would cost us to send our people to NC   to disassemble and move the furniture.  In order to get the computers released to us, VP Dave Solomon may have to speak to VP Bob Otto.   Arnie will work through IS channels to procure the computers.  If unsuccessful, Arnie will notify Vito so that VP Dave Solomon can get involved.   We are still waiting for Allsteel to provide one additional estimate for furniture.  This estimate will include the cost of Allsteel disassembling the used furniture in Raleigh, moving it and then reassembling it in the Monroe building.  The estimate is expected by August 23.

Transportation --- Joe Sautello reported that Greg Lackey has been in contact with AAA, Acme and Matrix about storage space for our vehicles.  Joe also discussed the fact that graveling the lot next to the VMF doesn’t seem feasible at this time because of the cost and length of time we would be away from the Trenton P & DC.  He feels that renting off site space might be more feasible.  He will continue to pursue space with our Real Estate Department for Transportion’s trailers and for our retail units  (window service and box section).


Steve Bahrle raised a question concerning construction permits for the postalization work on the new building in Monroe.  Bob Fritsche informed us that the terms of the lease have changed.  Technically, we do not need local permits for the work we are doing in the building.  However,  the lessor’s contractors will continue to make every effort to work with local township officials in completing the building renovation work.

Regina Kellam stated that the NDSS system has been shipped from Compaq  and received in Trenton.

Arnie DeBlank stated that the T-1 lines have been ordered.

Some discussion was held on the anthrax testing and pending results.  Vito Cetta insured both Union Representatives that employees would be notified with the results as soon as they became available

Vito Cetta and Joe Sautello updated us on the precautionary testing being done in various facilities in our Cluster.  The MDC was tested this morning and the West Dock and the Princeton PO will be tested this evening.  As was stated earlier, we are awaiting results of the testing done in Kilmer and Monmouth.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 9 AM.

Robert T. Fritsche

POAC Coordinator