Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union





 WEDNESDAY, August 28, 2002



Current Status

The construction work on the new building is continuing.  Most of the partition walls are up and the electrical outlets and wall switch boxes have been installed.  Some of the partition walls have been sheet rocked on both sides.   The walls for the telephone room are in place; the grid work for the suspended ceiling has been installed.  Ceiling tiles and lights will be installed shortly. 

The plumbing for the rest rooms has been roughed in.  We are still waiting for the electrical contractor to provide a column row by column row completion schedule for the overhead electrical work.  (He was not able to provide the schedule until supplies and materials arrive on site.  Some materials began to arrive yesterday and the rest should arrive by the end of this week).  When we receive the electrician’s schedule, we will be able to assign specific installation dates to each piece of equipment.

Machine Installation

SPBS:     We will work with the electrical contractor to secure the earliest possible date to gain access to the section of the workfloor where the SPBS will be installed.  Ideally, we would like to have the SPBS up and running when the South River operations are moved into the building.

LIPS:       There is no need to switch the feed systems between the Trenton and Kilmer LIPS machines.

Bob Fritsche will notify the manufacturer (BMH) when an installation date is established.

FSM 1000:    Jim Rosciano stated that the FSM 1000 from Columbus OH will receive the UFSM modification on November 29, 2002.  Bob Fritsche asked if there is another modification kit floating around for the FSM 1000 that remains on the workfloor in the Trenton P&DC.  Jim and Bob will contact the Area Office to find out if a Trenton kit is available.

FSM 881:     The Monroe facility requires three 881s.  Trenton already has two 881s stored on trailers.  The third 881 will come from Kilmer’s workfloor.

MPBCS:     No change in status of machines.  Maintenance must reassemble the tray carts for these machines.  (Shaw Corp had to disassemble carts to clean and remove them from the P&DC).

MLOCR:    The Queens P&DC may have to remove the OCR from their workfloor before the Monroe facility is ready to accept it.  If Queens must remove it, Trenton will send an ET to oversee the removal. The machine will be stored on trailers until it can be installed.  Tom Szombaty and Bob Fritsche will stay in contact with their counterparts in Queens to arrange a removal date.

DBCS:    No change in status of machines.  Jim Rosciano will make sure that tray carts are labeled and available for the start up of each machine.

Committee Reports

Furniture --- Bob Fritsche reported that the third estimate was received from Allsteel.  This estimate included the disassembly of used cubicles in Raleigh NC, transportation and reassembly  on the cubicles in the Monroe building.  The cost to move the used cubicles is higher than the estimate for new (but very basic) cubicles.  Due to the high cost of the estimates received, Maintenance sent a crew to Raleigh to remove the cubicles and bring them back.  Local Maintenance personnel will reassemble them in the Monroe building.  Joe Sautello stated that Yvonne Caprola and Sharon Little will need space in the new building.

Transportation --- Joe Sautello reported that Real Estate is exploring several options to find space for trailer parking.

Communications --- Maintenance picked up the PBX cabinet for the telephone system in North  Reading MA and delivered it to the telephone room in the Monroe building.

In-Plant Support ---  Jim Rosciano has been in contact with Jim Reives concerning the type of MODS system that will be installed in the building.  J. Rosciano will investigate whether we can procure two new Hardy scales.  Bob Towler stated that Jim Reives has a MODS file server available for Trenton.


Regina Kellam will follow up on the backordered cushions for the rest bars with Roger Snell next week when he returns from vacation.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 5, 2002 at 1:00 PM.

Robert T. Fritsche

POAC Coordinator