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Current Status

The construction work on the new building is progressing.  The contractors are working on the overhead electrical work and most of the walls are in place.  A meeting is scheduled with the contractors for Tuesday, September 10th to projected move-in dates.  Some operations could potentially move in as early as Saturday, September 21st but the official planned move-in date is still October 14th.  

Greg Lackey (who was not present) informed Bob Fritsche via email that a Monroe Town Meeting was recently held and the township officials were very cordial in discussing our project.   Matrix is continuing to work with the Township on all necessary permits and inspections.  We will need a temporary Certificate of Occupancy to move into the building.

Machine Installation

We need column-by-column completion dates from the electrical contractor so that we can move in our equipment as the overhead electrical work is completed. 


·         The SPBS will still be installed first.  Some discussion was held regarding the PC-104  computer modification for the machine.  In-Plant Support will look into the availability of a PC-104 kit.

·         Bob Fritsche notified Bastian Materials Handling that it will not be necessary to switch the feed systems of the Trenton and Kilmer LIPS machines.  The LIPS will be installed approximately one month after we move into the new building.

·         The FSM 1000s will be modified to a UFSM at the end of November.

·         MPBCS – deployment has been changed.  We will now get one from Kilmer instead of JAF.

·         There is no change to either the MLOCR or DBCS deployment.  We will stay in contact with Queens P&DC and will accept their MLOCR whenever they have to remove it from their workfloor.

 South River Issues

 Steve Roman reported that Roger Danbury has a list of what we need to set up the new building to mirror South River’s operations.  South River will not have to be dismantled prior to the move.  Tour 1 will complete incoming operations on a Saturday and T-2 will report to the new building and be able to immediately start work.  We will then dismantle the South River operations.

 Joe Sautello discussed the bus transportation plans.  The bus to South River will be discontinued at the same time as South River’s operations are relocated to the Monroe facility.  Bus transportation to Kilmer will continue until Trenton’s operations are moved from Kilmer to the Monroe facility.   After the move, any Trenton employees still working in Kilmer will have to provide their own transportation.  Employees will still be paid mileage for their travel.  Vito Cetta stated that after the move, he wants us to aggressively promote carpooling. We will have 183 spots at the new building but carpooling will help alleviate some parking concerns during the tour overlap period.  All employees will receive letters advising them of the transportation issues.


Progress Reports from Committees

·         Furniture:  Members of the Maintenance Staff will return to Raleigh, NC to pick up additional furniture.  They will also visit the Kearney REC Site next week to pick up a refrigerator, file cabinets and other miscellaneous items.  The layout for the administrative area was given to Joe Sautello for his review and approval.  Joe stated that he would move the some of the people currently working in trailers to Monroe.

·         Transportation:  Joe reported that Greg Lackey is evaluating vacant property across the street from the Trenton P & DC for use as trailer parking.  Greg is also reviewing two potential sites for our retail unit.  One is in the Mercerville Shopping Center on Route 33 and one is in the Sunnybrae Shopping Center on South Broad Street in Yardville, NJ.

·         Communications:  Linda Thompson visited Monroe today and said that everything was on track.  She’ll continue to work with Maintenance and Raleigh to make sure the patch cords are in the proper locations and she’ll make sure the computers have the necessary power drops.

·         In-Plant Support:  Jim Reives, NYMA In-Plant Support Office, was in this week working with Jim Rosciano on MODS and he’ll be back next week.  Jim Reives visited the building and has ordered two full systems for our use.  Jim already has access to file servers for MODS.  The lead time to procure the scale workstations is approximately two weeks from the date the company receives the order.

Doreen Clark inquired about when In-Plant Support personnel would have access to the building to complete tray cart labeling, signage and placarding tasks.  IPS will have access to the workfloor as soon as possible after the contractors are finished with the overhead electrical work.  The0 administrative area will not be set up until after the South River operations are moved in.  Doreen also inquired about the installation date for NDSS.  Maintenance will ensure that NDSS is available as the machines are installed on the workfloor.

·         Inspection Service:  Neil Kamichoff requested a copy of our Operating Plan for registered mail in and out of the building.  Allan Electric has been contracted to install the CCTV cameras for the Registry Cage.  Neil has provided Allan Electric with the locations for the cameras.  Neil reported that employees would get blank white cards to use to access the control system to enter the building.   This system needs a standalone PC to run.   Maintenance will set aside one of the Raleigh computers for Neil.  If the computer is not compatible with the software of the security access system, a new computer may have to be ordered.  The card access system will be sent up before the move in date.  Neil also reported that employees would continue to wear their current photo ID badges.

·         Finance:  Ed Imperiale reported that there are no outstanding 7381s.  On a weekly basis, Procurement sends a weekly log to Margaret Jones and Maintenance.  The fuel receipts for the recent trip to Raleigh can be charged to Homeland Security and the 7381 sent to Finance; Transportation will forward the fuel receipts to Finance.  Bob Fritsche reported that 7381s for anti-fatigue mats for the Monroe facility would be sent to Finance.  These mats will be reused when the Trenton P&DC is reopened.

·         Business Service Network:  Jake Truex voiced some customer concerns about the move.  He was advised that the BMEU will stay in the Annex and that the new Window Services location had not yet been decided.  Joe Sautello will get back to Jake with the Window Service location.  Jake also wanted to know where customers would pick up empty equipment and was advised that it would be handled from the lot where the vehicles would be parked (location to be determined).  Princeton will continue their BMEU operations and Joe Sautello will review them once we have moved.  Drop shipments made by mailers at South River will move to Monroe.  Although we do not yet have a specific date for the Drop Shipments to move, Jake will begin to provide advance notification to the major mailers that the change is coming.

·         Unions:  Steve Bahrle and James Sherman visited the Brentwood Facility with other postal representatives.  Steve said the operation they witnessed was very complex and he felt comfortable that a lot of safeguards were built into the system.  Joe Sautello stated that he also felt very confident about the process after seeing the system.   Steve further stated that the people he spoke with had assured him that the gassing would work the first time.  The initial results will be known in about 10 days after the gassing. If the building has to be re-gassed, it could be done again in 20 days.  If the test results indicate that there is no anthrax, the certification for a clean building will be completed in 30 days.  Steve stated that they also visited the new building in Monroe and are very satisfied.  The only concern he had was the distance to walk to the restrooms.  He also voiced a concern about parking for one tour when another tour was still in the building.  Vito stated that there would be 183 spots when the additional parking is added and requested that carpooling be aggressively encouraged.

·         MDOs:  Some discussion was held with Steve Bahrle, Joe Sautello, Vito Cetta and Steve Roman about Mailhandler jobs.  Steve said that the biggest problem is the start times for Mailhandlers.  Another issue is days off and the fact that Trenton & Kilmer MH unions are involved.  Joe and Vito both stated that they want to work with both Unions and would like for them to come to the table with alternatives on ways to resolve this and other situations.  They would like to get volunteers and not have to excess anyone.

 The next meeting is scheduled at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, September 11th in the Trenton area.  The specific location will be announced via email.

Robert Fritsche

POAC Coordinator


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