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Current Status of Trenton Distribution Center

Bob Fritsche reported that further progress is being made on the building construction.  However, the rest room facilities will not be ready until approximately September 27.  There is still a chance that South River employees will be in the building in late September.  (October 14 is still our “official” move date).

Concrete for the new curb on the side of the building has been poured; the first layer of paving for the 50 additional parking spaces should be done this week and the top layer should be completed by the end of next week.

Exterior lighting on the side of the building will be upgraded from 400 watts to 1000 watts.  Matrix will check with the Township on whether the exterior lighting fixtures will be wall-mounted or pole-mounted.

Machine Installation

·         Assembly of the SPBS is expected to begin by September  27.  Transportation has already moved the SPBS (on eight trailers) to the new Monroe facility.   Maintenance is currently reviewing schedules to see if working crews around the clock will be necessary.

·         The MLOCR from Queens P&DC has been disassembled, loaded onto trailers and transported to Trenton for storage until it can be installed in Monroe.

·         Installation of the FSM 1000 will follow the SPBS.  Dates for the other equipment will be established as the electrical contractor completes the overhead electrical work.

·         Estimates are being solicited for the costs associated with the relocation of an AFSM 100 from Kilmer to Monroe.  The two 15 horsepower air compressors previously ordered will be traded in for two 20 horsepower units.  The new compressors can be delivered within two weeks of the distributor’s receipt of the purchase order.  Other costs will include the actual cost of moving the machine and the electrical and plumbing hookup costs.  Jim Rosciano expects to receive an estimate this week from Northrup Grumman on the cost to disassemble, transport and reassemble the AFSM 100.  Bob Buongiovanni and his contract architect will supply the cost estimates for the air compressor upgrade as well as the electrical and air compressor (piping) hookups.

Progress Reports from Committees

Actual Move Committee:  Steve Roman requested Maintenance to move two Model 89 conveyor belts from South River to Monroe.  Tom Szombaty will make the necessary arrangements to move the belts from South River on September 18.  Steve stated that he would like South River’s operations to be duplicated on the workfloor in Monroe in advance of the actual move.  The conveyors, bullpens, racks, etc. used in South River should be mirrored in Monroe by Thursday, September 26.  Tentatively, Tour 2 will report to Monroe on Saturday, September 28 and go right to work.  This move is contingent upon the contractor’s ability to finish the overhead work and clean up the floor area.

Furniture:   Maintenance will schedule a return trip to Raleigh, NC to pick up additional furniture, etc.  Tom Golden stated that Raleigh is sending us an APC of patch cords and other small items that we need.  Additional items have been picked up from the Kearny REC by Maintenance.

Transportation:  Joe Sautello reported that Greg Lackey has written a letter to the owner of the lot on the northbound side of Route 130 to begin lease negotiations.  This lot will be used by Transportation for the MVS vehicles and trailer storage.  The lease is expected to be in place by October 15;  transportation operations should begin there by November 15.

Communications:  The telephone room is scheduled to be painted on September 18.  Allan Electric raised several questions during the contractors’ meeting concerning the placement of racks andIn-Plant Support: Bob Fritsche will order new Hardy scales as soon as information to complete the 7381 is received from Jim Reives.  Jim Soo has revised the list of anti-fatigue mats and submitted it for review.  A 7381 will be submitted as soon as the list is approved.  Jim Soo is also working on the signage for the new facility.  Jim Rosciano raised several questions regarding the installation of the AFSM 100:  Will additional T-1 lines be required?  What other hookups will be required to transmit images?  IS will handle the T-1 line issue.  Tom Golden responded that Maintenance will procure any other equipment required for image transmittal.  Jim Rosciano also questioned whether a determination has been made on the order in which we will phase in the DBCSs from their existing locations.  Joe Sautello requested that Jim Rosciano, Steve Roman and Bob Fritsche schedule a separate meeting to develop the DBCS phase-in schedule. other equipment in the room.  Linda Thompson visited the site to respond to the questions.  It was recommended that IS send a representative to the weekly contractors’ meeting (every Tuesday at 10:00), if possible.  Arnie DeBlank stated that the gold tape server is expected to arrive by the end of the month.  He also stated that the Passport Label System has been loaded onto a computer for In-Plant Support as requested.

Finance:  Ed Imperiale advised all concerned that the costs associated with the relocation of the AFSM 100 should be closely tracked and documented if we plan to charge them to the Homeland Security account.

Bob Fritsche requested Ed to be on the lookout for the 7381s for the MODS scales, the air compressors, and the anti-fatigue mats as we will need a quick turnaround on these items.

Maintenance:  Tom Szombaty will make the necessary arrangements to schedule another trip to Raleigh to pick up additional furniture and equipment.  SPBS installation is expected to begin by September 27.  On September 16, Maintenance completed the task of picking up equipment at the Kearny REC.  This equipment includes a double-refrigerator, file cabinets and other miscellaneous items.  All items have been stored on a trailer at the new facility.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 26 at 1:00 PM in the District Manager’s Conference Room at the Kilmer P&DC.

Robert T. Fritsche

POAC Coordinator


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