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Current Status of Trenton Distribution Center

Bob Fritsche reported that the bathrooms are complete, the primer is on the walls and the painting will be completed today.  The parking lot expansion has been completed, the lot paved and the spaces are striped.  The walls are up and painted for office space for Bob Towler and Joe Sautello. Electrical baseboard heaters are in place for the offices. 

The safes will be installed tomorrow and although the materials for the Registry Cage haven’t come in, Maintenance may have to dismantle the one in South River and install it in the new building until the new one can be installed.  Tom Golden reported that the scale from Raritan Center would be picked up and installed in the new building.  The overhead work is still being done in the rest of the building and the contractor has essentially maintained his schedule.  Bob concluded by saying that Phase l is essentially complete.

Machine Installation

Bob Fritsche reported that there is still no date for MPBCS installation.  Jim Rosciano stated that he would like them moved into the building by October 12th because the mail we will process is predicated on them being in place by then.  Tom Golden added that three days are needed to install each machine.

·         The SPBS will still be the first machine to be installed.

·         The FSM 1000 will be next.

·         The AFSM 100 will be relocated to the building starting October 18th.  Jim Rosciano reported that the cost of this move will be $73,196 and a 7381 needs to be completed and sent to Finance.

Jim Rosciano will verify whether or not we will take one of the MPBCS machines from Kilmer or another location.  He’ll get back to Bob Fritsche with this information.

The LIPS machine, MLOCR, and BCS machines will be phased in shortly after the other machines.

Progress Reports from Committees

Actual Move Committee:  South River will be moved this Saturday.  Steve Roman reported that two conveyor belts and bullpens would be installed in the new building prior to the move.  Jim Rosciano stated that he wanted to be sure that the Hot Cases would be properly moved and placed in the new building.

Tom Szombaty reported that vending equipment would be installed on September 27th. 

Furniture:  Tom Golden reported that he would make sure the supervisors have a computer to work on in addition to the TACS computer.

Communications:  Tom Golden reported that there are 15 active phone numbers in the new building.  One number has been given to Lynn Goldstein so it would be included in the employee notification letter that’s being sent out.  That number is 609-409-8672.  Bill Lewis stated he’d also post the phone number on the APWU website for his members.  The letter from HR will also include directions to the new facility.  Bob Towler stated he also has the numbers – these numbers will be given to Marketing so that they can give them to customers.  Badge Readers will be installed on September 27th and all phones will be installed by the end of this week.

Maintenance:  A walkthrough of the building is scheduled for September 27th and the SPBS installation will begin on Monday, September 30th.  Maintenance supervisors will work up a schedule detailing which Trenton employees will install what equipment.

Transportation:  Greg Lackey is still looking at leasing the lot on Route 130 (near Mule’ Auto Body) for the trucks.  The lot needs to be cleaned up first and we are looking at a date of October 15th to finalize a lease.  The VMF is also looking at leasing a building but the contract has to be approved by officials in Hoboken, NJ.  They may advertise for an alternate site.  Bob Fritsche estimated that it might take 30 days to get approval for a new site.  No date has been set for the VMF move that must take place prior to the P & DC gassing.  Bill Lewis estimated that the gassing might not take place until January 2003.

In-Plant Support:  The 7381 for the MODS scale has been processed and the scale should be installed by October 12th.  Jim Soo is working on the signs for the building and they will be completed by September 27th.  Jim Soo also ordered anti-fatigue mats and needs approval from Mary Carey before more are ordered and put in place.

Bob Fritsche reported that he spoke to John Westrick from the Area Networks Office regarding discontinuation of the 3-digit distribution of our mail being done by other Plants.  Bob and Jim Rosciano agreed that November would be an appropriate time for that because our move and equipment installation should be completed.

Miscellaneous:  Regina Kellam reported that the trash compactors and recycling containers would be in place tomorrow.  Regina will also notify South River vendors that we’ll be discontinuing our contract with them at that location.

Bob Towler reaffirmed that there will be no bus service to Monroe.

The next meeting date is undetermined.  A new date will be set once Joe Sautello and Vito Cetta are contacted.

Bob Fritsche

POAC Coordinator

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