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  Wednesday, October 9, 2002



Current Status of Trenton Distribution Center

Phase I construction work was completed on September 27 as scheduled.   South River operations were moved into the Trenton Distribution Center during the weekend of September 28-29.  The electrical contractor is continuing overhead electrical work in the Phase II section of the building.

Machine Installation

Maintenance is currently assembling the SPBS, the FSM 1000 and the FSM 881.  All three machines are expected to be completed by Friday, October 11, 2002.  However, the contractor is still installing the air compressors; a concrete pad must be installed under each compressor.  The concrete must cure for at least three days before the compressors can be turned on.  Maintenance will begin installation of a MPBCS within the next two days.  They will also begin moving the Princeton DBCSs on Friday, October 11.

Progress Reports from Committees

Actual Move Committee:  South River’s operations were successfully moved during the September 28-29 weekend.  No major problems were experienced.

Communications:  Information Systems is waiting for parts to complete wiring installation.

Maintenance:  Maintenance will continue assembly work on the SPBS, FSM 100, FSM 881 and the  MPBCS until each machine is up and running.  They will also begin the disassembly and relocation of the DBCSs as per the schedule published by J. Rosciano.  The first DBCS will be disassembled in Princeton PO on Friday beginning at 12:00 noon.

Transportation:  The vacant lot on Route 130 (across from  Mule’ Auto Body) is still the preferred site for truck and trailer parking.  This site may be expanded to include the Retail trailers.  The architect has ordered an aerial photograph of the site to begin the design process. 

In-Plant Support:  Jim Rosciano has issued a schedule for the relocation of the 11 DBCSs that will be installed in the Trenton TDC.  The first DBCS will be removed from Princeton PO on Friday, October 11.

Wanda Scott advised that the Virginia Processing Center requested additional information on the “sole source” purchase of the Hardy scales.  Bob Fritsche will follow up.  A duplicate set of manual distribution cases will be set up in the Trenton TDC to facilitate a turnkey operation.  Doreen Clark will use temporary

case headers to ensure that the timeline will be met.  DBCS tray racks currently in storage in Trenton will be relabeled in time for the relocation of the DBCSs from DVD.

Inspection Service:  Inspector Kamichoff reminded everyone that the bay doors must be kept closed for security reasons.  The police escort will be continued for another week until the new registry cage is completed.  Parts for the card access system are expected to be received by the end of the week.

Miscellaneous:  Bill Lewis raised questions regarding the status of the following safety and health related items:  Exterior lighting on the side of the building, employee entrance door handle, automatic door closers for the employee entrance doors, several displaced ceiling tiles in locker and rest rooms, eyewash stations, protective goggles for Maintenance employees, lockouts for machines, spotlights for interiors of trailers, wheel chocks, numbers for bay doors (interior and exterior), Mail Processing supervisor accessing breaker panel in switchgear room, postal employees working in contractors’ area, instructions on how to operate the building’s heating units, plans for additional employee parking spaces, plans for additional time clocks and the planned frequency of rest room cleanings.  Although the Matrix contractors are aware of these building-related items, Management will bring them up again at the next contractors’ meeting. 

Tom Szombaty and Tom Golden will address the postal-related items (goggles, eyewash stations, etc.).

Bill Lewis also questioned the timeframes for the relocation of the MOWS trailers, the relocation of the VMF employees and the cleanup of the Brentwood facility.  Joe Sautello explained that Real Estate is still pursuing the site on Route 130 for the MOWS and for trailer parking.  The most recent date that we’ve heard for the beginning of the Brentwood cleanup is October 23. 

Jim Sherman voiced his concerns about the traffic patterns on the proposed Retail/trailer parking site.  He cautioned that there was a great potential for accidents if the access roads to and from Route 130 were not properly designed.  Steve Bahrle questioned whether all of our fork lifts were equipped with lights for driving into trailers.  He raised another question about who is responsible for policing the truck drivers on the use of wheel chocks in the yard.  George Traynor responded that the Transportation staff is responsible.  Steve Bahrle also asked if any more tow bars were available.  Bob Fritsche and Tom Szombaty with check with Shaw Corp. to see if the tow bars have been cleaned and released to the USPS.

Steve asked if QWL will be resurrected once the Trenton Distribution Center is fully operational.  A question arose about whether craft employees are permitted to use the restrooms in the administrative office while the restrooms on the workroom floor are closed for cleaning.  Joe Sautello responded that craft employees may use the administrative restrooms during cleaning periods.

The time and date of the next meeting will be announced.

Bob Fritsche

POAC Coordinator


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