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  Friday, October 25, 2002



Current Status of Trenton Distribution Center

The contractor has completed all Phase 1 work.  He has also completed the overhead wiring portion of Phase 2.

Machine Installation

The SPBS, FSM 1000 and FSM 881 are operational.   The two DBCSs from Princeton and the three DBCSs from Kilmer are assembled and operational.  Two MPBCSs are also operational.  Maintenance is still wiring the OCR received from Queens – a tentative completion date is Monday, October 28th.   Although we can use the Queens directory on the OCR, that will only allow us to Carrier Route mail but not apply barcodes.  That option would not help Tour 1 because they need non-barcoded and barcoded directories.  The OCR will have the new schemes loaded next week but we can’t access them until the NDSS is installed.  The NDSS cannot be installed until the LAN is connected.  IS personnel from North Carolina will be here on Tuesday, October 29th to begin work on the LAN on Wednesday, October 30th; they should be finished by the end of the week. 

The next machines to be installed are the three DBCSs from DVD and the three Phase I DBCSs from the Carrier Annex.  The first machine should be disassembled in DVD on Saturday so it can be up and running in Monroe on Tour 1 on (Sunday night for) Monday.  The second machine from DVD will be operational by Monday for Tuesday and the third, Thursday for Friday.  Our 085 mail is coming back from DVD – this includes all mail that other Plants in NJ have been sending to DVD for processing. 

The AFSM 100, dismantled in Kilmer on Saturday, October 19th, is now being reassembled in the Trenton Distribution Center.  According to the contract, it should be completed by Tuesday, October 29.  The machine has label printers but we will need label stock.  Regina Kellam will order some and Doreen Clark will borrow some from Kilmer to get us started.

The LIPS Machine will be installed the week of November 11th.  We will not know the exact date the contractor will be here until he confirms his travel arrangements. 

Progress Reports from Committees

Actual Move Committee:  Presently, except for flats, all operations that were in Kilmer are now housed in Monroe.  Installation of cubicles will be completed in approximately two weeks.  Bob Buongiovanni reported to Joe Sautello that outside dock lighting is being worked on to upgrade the lighting level.

Regina Kellam will order more chairs for the FSM 881 and the FSM 1000; there is no national contract for their purchase. 

The contractor purchased lockers from Grainger but the wrong type were delivered.  The lockers were supposed to arrive preassembled; they arrived in knocked down condition.  As a result, Grainger personnel will assemble the lockers on Monday, October 28th and the contractor will install them on Tuesday, October 29th

Communications:  IS stated that the wiring is completed and they are working on the phone system.  They are waiting for Verizon to give them a date on when they’ll run the wires inside the building.  They anticipate this to be done within two weeks.  They can’t install the computers in the cubicles until the wiring is completed.  The target date for that is November 17th. 

IS will set up another TACS computer on the workroom floor; it should be installed by the end of next week.  George Traynor stated that he needs a TIMES computer set up in the administrative area. 

Joe Sautello stated that he also wants more timeclocks on the workroom floor.

Discussion was held on installing a computer for bidding in the building; Human Resources will need to be contacted.  IS will install wiring in the cafeteria for the computer and Maintenance will build a booth around it for privacy. 

Tom Szombaty will canvass the MDOs, Safety and Transportation to find out how many two-way radios they need and he’ll complete the PS 7381 for the purchase.  George Traynor also noted that he needed a base unit so Transportation personnel can communicate with their drivers.

Transportation:  Bob Buongiovanni reported to Joe Sautello that Headquarters has approved the plan for trailer parking and Retail operations.  Housed on the Retail Lot will be retail operations, PO Boxes, an area for our Public Information Officer, Postal representatives, and Contractor representatives.

In-Plant Support:  Sort programs are being phased in as the equipment is installed in Monroe.   The mats and floor scale are on order and some signs have been completed.  Tray racks and ERGO carts are being delivered daily. 

Maintenance:  Emergency Evacuation Plans are being posted.  Lines of the floor are being striped.  Power equipment that was in Kilmer is being transferred to Monroe.  The assembly of the new Registry Cage has been completed.  Security cameras and electrical work must still be completed. 

APWU:  Bill Lewis reported that all employees haven’t been given letters notifying them of the change in their work location.  He further stated that employees in the Annex are being notified verbally of the change.  Discussion was held on the C/S TACS employees.  The Plant has not notified them and Joe Sautello stated that he would ensure that the two employees in question get letters advising them to report to Monroe. 

Finance:  There were no issues. 

Inspection Service:  Bob Fritsche spoke to Inspector Kamichoff and was advised that the card access system will be delivered on Tuesday and the contractor will begin installation the same day.  Joe Sautello stated that the supervisors would need to monitor their comings and goings of their employees.  He further stated that, on a w

POAC Coordinator alk-through today, he found doors propped open and aisleways crowded.  He advised the MDOs to address these issues quickly and keep them under control.  Baydoors should be closed when not in use to control heating costs.

 The next meeting will be scheduled as the need arises. 

Robert T. Fritsche

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