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I                     Current Status

Bob Buongiovanni reported that the Postal Service cleaned and sealed the floors in the interim building.  The compressors have been ordered and are being manufactured.  He is awaiting the improvement bids from contractors.

Lease negotiations are still on going and we should know something by the end of the week.  AT & T and our attorneys are still negotiating in regards to new language in the lease to address their concerns.  Contamination of the building may be the main issue.

II.                   Contractor Schedule Update

Bob Buongiovanni reported that the bids on lighting are due today.  We have the necessary funding for the improvements.  He needs to know the exact location of the electrical drops.  Jim Soo will visit the building and mark the floor so that the drops are put in the proper locations.

III.                 Machine Installation/Installation Schedule

Bob Fritsche gave us the dates the DBCS machines are being shipped – the first are due on May 10th and the last one on May 25th.

The FSMs are still in storage and we’ll leave them there until we need them.

The SPBS is on trailers in the parking lot at the Trenton P & DC.

The LIPS Machine is still scheduled for installation on May 20th.

The MPBCSs are still in storage.

The installation schedule is still the same – we are just waiting on the lease.

IV.                 Progress Reports from Committees

Actual Move Committee – Lou DeMeo was absent but Bob Fritsche informed us that they are still on schedule to move operations from South River into the interim facility.

Furniture – Bob Fritsche will meet with Joe Sautello to discuss who will get offices versus cubicles.

Transportation – George Traynor will get with Hector Martinez to coordinate transportation issues.

Communications – Arnie DeBlank reported that Verizon is scheduled to work in the building tomorrow; they need one week to set up phone lines.  Due to the building status, he was advised by Joe Sautello to cancel the work for the time being.  Arnie also reported that the T-1 lines are being installed on the 15th.

A representative from Raleigh, NC is coming in tomorrow to look at the phone system – Arnie will accompany him.  Bob Buongiovanni will make sure they get access to the building. 

Arnie needs the layout of the offices from Bob Fritsche.  After Bob and Joe review the list of 50 computers that were ordered, Bob will provide Arnie with the layout.

Tom Golden advised that Engineering wants to have structured wiring installed in the building at their cost.  This wiring will support the LAN and our automated equipment and must be in place before we move into the building.  Engineering will send someone down to look at the building and Bob Buongiovanni will review the plans and look into this system as well.

MDOs – Unions – Neither Union had anything to report at this time.  There were no reports from the MDOs.

Maintenance – Tom Szombaty reported that the NDSS is en-route.  Maintenance is currently progressing and is on schedule.

In-Plant – Jim Rosciano reported that In-Plant is on schedule.

Finance – Ed Imperiale reported that the 7381 for the compressor has been pushed through and all other 7381s are on hold until the building goes through.

Inspection Service – Inspector Kamichoff was not present but Bob Buongiovanni reported that he’s been in contact with him and there are no issues to report.

Employee Briefing Bulletins --- Barbara Hairston reported that she gave Vito Cetta a tentative schedule listing dates, etc. for the interim facility for his review.  That schedule has not been approved or disseminated.  She will update the schedule and disseminate when notified by Vito.

The NPOMH and APWU representatives had questions regarding our next plan while we are waiting for word on the lease.  Joe stated that we would continue operating as we are, i.e., stay in South River, Kilmer and the Trenton Carrier Annex.  He stated that Trenton is tentatively scheduled to be cleaned the end of June providing the cleaning of Brentwood is successful.  Bill Lewis stated that he called Washington, spoken to APWU leadership and been advised that the cleaning would begin in early August.  Joe further stated that buying a building might be an option depending on the pending lease and the cleaning of the building but that Headquarters would make those types of decisions.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May  8th 2002 at 1 PM.

Robert T. Fritsche

Project Manager



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