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I                Current Status

Negotiations are continuing with the owners of the building to obtain their approval on the lease.  A final determination is anticipated by the end of the week.

II.            Contractor Schedule Update

Bob Buongiovanni was unable to attend.  Bob Fritsche reported that Bob Buongiovanni has received bids from contractors for the modifications required to “postalize” the building.  Once the lease is approved, a contract ward will be made so that the work can begin immediately.

III.                 Machine Installation

Bob Fritsche reported that the Area Office has contacted the Eastern Area Office to coordinate the movement of the first two (of five) DBCSs from Columbus, OH.  The first two machines will be shipped from Columbus to the Princeton Post Office.  Steve Bahrle inquired about staffing the machines in Princeton and whether this move is permanent or temporary.   Joe Sautello advised that the machines would be staffed with Casual employees and that the installation of the machines in Princeton is considered temporary pending the outcome of our interim facility

IV.           Progress Reports from Committees

Most of the subcommittees are in a hold status until the lease situation is resolved.   Tom Szombaty reported that the NDSS equipment from Detroit arrived on Monday, May 6 and will be stored until we are ready to install it.  Tom also reported that the air compressors have been received and will be stored in Kilmer until we need them. 

Vito Cetta discussed the possibility of remaining in the South River Distribution Center if we are unable to secure a lease on the 32 Commerce Court building.  Most likely, we would continue on a shared occupancy basis with Aeropostale.  Bob Fritsche reported that he will meet with Tom Szombaty, Bob Buongiovanni and an architect on Monday morning (5/13/02) to discuss air conditioning requirements for the South River facility.

Arnie DeBlank advised that a long lead time will probably be required to install T-1 lines and a phone system if the decision is made to utilize the South River facility.  Arnie estimated that 90 days is the usual required lead time but he might be able to get the contractors to respond in 45 days.

Vito Cetta requested that we begin working on a floor diagram to see how much equipment can be accommodated in South River.  Bob Fritsche and Jim Rosciano agreed to complete a draft of the drawing by Friday,  May 10.

V.                   Miscellaneous

Neil Kamichoff advised that additional space will be available in the Carteret HASP facility in the near future.

Jim Sherman questioned why the Postal Service spent money to obtain permits on the building before the lease was finalized.  Vito Cetta and Joe Sautello explained that there are usually long lead times to obtain the permits.  To expedite the facility activation process, a business decision was made to allocate the funds for the permits up front.  The decision to proceed was based on information that was supplied by the real estate department at the time (95% confidence level that the building owners would approve the signed lease).

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 16 at 9:00 AM.


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