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 Thursday, MAY 16, 2002



I.          Current Status


Greg Lackey reported that there is nothing new on the lease.  The owners of the building had 25 days to review the lease and get back to us.  We are now at Day 16 and we should know something before Memorial Day.


It was decided that Greg Lackey should begin to explore other options for buildings to lease in case our current offer is not accepted.  Other sites are – the ProLogis Building #8, in Cranbury, NJ.  The building would be more expensive for us to lease and postalize since it has a different configuration and more modifications will be needed.  The other building is the Whitesell Building in Florence, NJ.  That building was looked at in November 2001 and is still available.  Greg stated that there is not enough parking at that facility but the grassy area could be paved to provide additional parking.  There is also not enough power in that building to accommodate our equipment but the building does have sufficient administrative space.  George Traynor stated that the building is eleven miles from the Trenton P & DC and easily accessible to both the NJ Turnpike and Route 295. 


Joe Sautello asked Greg to factor into his estimates the cost of leasing the building, the upgrades necessary, as well as how soon we could get into either building.


II.                 Machine Installation


One DBCS from Ohio was delivered today to the Princeton Post Office - the other one is scheduled to be delivered there tomorrow.  Both machines should be up and running by Monday, May 20th and we should be able to move the mail there on Tuesday, 5/21, for Princeton to process.


The other three DBCS machines are due in from Ohio next week.  They will be notified to deliver them to the MDC and we’ll store them on trailers in Trenton until our lease plans are finalized.


The LIPS Machine will be delivered to the MDC on May 21st and be stored in two of our trailers.  The company will be contacted to install it once we get a building location.


III.               MDC Operations


Plans are being made to possibly place automated equipment in the MDC - Jim Soo is working on that floor plan.  The plans include – placing four DBCS machines into the building as well as three FSM 881s.  To reduce congestion, there will be no SPBS machine in the building and discussions will be held next week to determine if it’s more feasible to move the 085 or 086 operations to the building as well as where to place the State House cases.


Bob Buongiovanni is meeting with the air conditioning contractors this afternoon.  He will present their proposal to Vito and plans will be made to install the unit in the MDC.


The lease on the building has been altered by Aeropostale to let us stay in the building.  We currently have ten bay doors available to us but Aeropostale can limit our use of the doors on the left-hand side.  They will be going to a two tour operation shortly and they don’t have to alter the lease to give us more space.


On September 1st, Aeropostale can terminate their sub-lease of the MDC and leave the building.  Greg said they told him they wouldn’t do that.  They are only paying a partial lease at present.

We have the first option to buy the building in the event they terminate their lease but Aeropostale could also buy it.


Greg will speak to them again about letting us use the power panel that’s located on their side of the building.  We could split the meter with them to cover the costs of our electricity use.  It would be costly to put in our own power source.  Discussion was held on getting a political advocate to speak to PSE & G so that we could quickly get separate service set up in the building.  Bob Buongiovanni will explore this possibility.


The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd at 1 PM.


 Robert T. Fritsche

Project Manager 


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