Trenton Metro Area Local

American Postal Workers Union





 WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2002


Current Status

There is no new information regarding the status of the lease for the Cranbury building at 32 Commerce Court.  The owners of the building had 25 days to review the lease and get back to us.  This deadline will expire during the Memorial Day weekend so the status should be finalized next week.

Jim Soo completed a preliminary floor layout for Building #8 in the ProLogis Industrial Park in Cranbury.  He will forward his layout to the architect so that the estimated costs to postalize the building can be completed.   Jim will also begin work to create a floor layout for the Whitesell building located in Florence, NJ, approximately 11 miles south of the Trenton P&DC.  Bob Fritsche reported that the architect visited the Whitesell building earlier this week and has completed a preliminary estimate of postalization costs.

Steve Bahrle questioned the amount of funding that Headquarters has approved for an interim building for Trenton.  Vito Cetta responded with a figure of $2 million ($1.2 million for annual lease payments & the balance to cover building modifications to postalize the building).

II.                   Machine Installation

Two DBCSs from Ohio have been delivered and installed in the Princeton Post Office.  Both machines are up and running  - formal DPS operations on both machines began last night.

 Bob Fritsche reported that BMH, the manufacturer of the Linear Integrated Parcel Sorter (LIPS), delivered the machine to the South River MDC yesterday, May 21.  The LIPS was unloaded from the carrier’s truck and reloaded onto postal trailers for storage until an interim facility is available.  BMH will be contacted to complete the installation when we are ready.

The next DBCS from Columbus, OH is scheduled to arrive on May 30.  Bob Fritsche will notify Columbus to deliver it to the South River MDC.   This DBCS will be stored on a trailer until our lease plans are finalized.

 Headquarters has provided us with NDSS equipment.  The system we received is a used system removed from Detroit, MI after their system was upgraded.  Headquarters requested Trenton to order a new system so that the old Detroit system can be redeployed to the Bronx, NY.  Vito Cetta questioned the time frame involved to order and receive a new system.  Bob Fritsche has already completed the 7381 and will investigate the delivery time.  The old unit from Detroit will not be shipped to the Bronx until we are certain about the delivery of the new system.

III.                 MDC Operations

Steve Bahrle inquired about plans to air condition the South River MDC.  Bob Buongiovanni was not able to attend the meeting to provide an update but Joe Sautello said that Bob was finalizing the A/C design with the contractor.  Joe estimated that work would probably begin in mid-June.

We are still waiting for a response from Aeropostale on whether we can utilize additional power for our equipment.  Joe Sautello will follow up with Greg Lackey on this issue.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 30 at 9:00 AM. 


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